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Large Swarovski Elements Hanging Tree of Life 'ACORN'

Product no.: SC-SWA-ACORN__32-8070TOL-A

£28.80 *
Stock level: 1

Swarovski Elements Rainbow Medium Crystal Cascade 20mm ball 'SPECTRA'

Product no.: SC-SWA-SPECTRA-MCR7920

£28.80 *
Stock level: 1

New Wooden Carved Ash Catcher with Floral Design 260mm

Product no.: AC-WOOD-FLORAL

£4.78 *
Stock level: 4

New 5th Chakra Vishudda Throat Chakra Fragrance Candle

Product no.: CA-LRG-THROAT__44-NC-A

£8.99 *
Stock level: 2

Rose Quartz Drilled Tumblestone Pendant 'PIPPAKINS'


£3.78 *
Stock level: 8

New Blue Howlite PROTECTION Heart Pendant 'DANDILION'

Product no.: JP-BLH-DANDILION-NG19

£3.42 *
Stock level: 4

New Rustic Bells on Rope

Product no.: GW-RUSBELLS-IN039

£21.42 *
Stock level: 2

Chakra Balancing Set inside a Keepsake Pouch

Product no.: CK-CHBS-SWC

£8.99 *
Stock level: 20

New 3rd Chakra Manipura Solar Plexus Chakra Fragrance Candle

Product no.: CA-LRG-SOLAR__44-NC-A

£8.99 *
Stock level: 1

Addiction Self Healing Crystals ~ 12 Crystal Healing Stones

Product no.: CS-ADD

£20.99 *
Stock level: 20

Archangel Gift Set with Pocket Angel ~ 7 Crystal Healing Stones

Product no.: CS-ARP

£23.99 *
Stock level: 17

New Onyx Egg 70mm 'ERIK'

Product no.: EG-ONX-ERIK-ON002

£7.00 *
Stock level: 1

New Onyx Egg 70mm 'MOWGLI'

Product no.: EG-ONX-MOWGLI-ON002

£7.00 *
Stock level: 1

New Rose Quartz Puff Heart 25mm with Pouch 'FINESS'

Product no.: PH-ROQ-FINESS-HSB1

£5.40 *
Stock level: 11

New Natural Mookite Specimen 65mm 'POPCORN'

Product no.: NC-MOO-POPCORN

£5.40 *
Stock level: 1

New Natural FUSCITE Crystal Specimen 'HUMPHREY'

Product no.: NC-FUS-HUMPHREY

£5.40 *

New Third Eye Chakra Voltive Candle Holder with Indigo Glass

Product no.: TL-CHK-BROW

£7.56 *
Stock level: 1

New Peridot Chip Healing Bracelet 'Dotty'

Product no.: JB-PER-DOTTY

£9.00 *
Stock level: 9

New Ten Medium Chakra Discs


£43.20 *
Stock level: 6

New Ten Large Chakra Discs

Product no.: CK-CHBS-GREY-CHK1

£50.40 *
Stock level: 5

New Fluorite Thumb or Pocket Stone 'Seasons'

Product no.: TS-FLU-SEASONS-TH52

£7.20 *
Stock level: 3
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