Celestite Hand Polished Sphere 70mm Named Uriel


Celestite Hand Polished Sphere 70mm Named Uriel

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Uriel is a Celestite Hand Polished Sphere which measures approx 70mm and comes with the wooden stand.

This beautiful Sphere shows the steps going up to the Angelic Realms. I handpick all our crystals for one reason or another. This sphere was not the most pretty but it caught my eyes as when you look at it, you can clearly see steps going upwards and going inside the sphere. When I do a Spirit Rescue (to help lost souls over to the light), I always visualise a door opening in the sky and then steps coming down. An angel always comes to fetch the lost souls and the steps look just like these that are naturally carved in into the stone. I feel that this sphere would be an asset to anyone who is developing clairvoyantly, working as a medium or working with the Angelic Realms in some way. 



Metaphysical Healing Properties and Magical Meanings of Celestite.


Celestite is a beautiful blue crystal that promotes calming and healing. It has a strong angelic connection and allows us to connect with our guides and spirit. It helps remove fear and negative thoughts from the Aura. It is a very uplifting crystal and helps to keep the Aura clean and protected. Celestite helps bring peace and harmony to any situation and makes it a great stone for communication on all levels. It helps bring emotional balance and healing of old traumas that have yet to be released or dealt with, but it does so in a controlled and gentle manner. It resonates strongly with the throat chakra. It is a lovely, gentle energy to work with


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Additional product information

Condition New
Age Group Adult
Gender Unisex
Brand Spirit Walker Crystals
Colour Blue
Counrty of Origin Madagascar

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