10 Week Moon Magic Manifesting Course

10 Week Moon Magic Manifesting Course

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Online Moon Magic CourseThe course comprises of 10 modules which are released at weekly intervals, you can then do these at your own pace, fast or slow.

You can take as long as you wish to complete this course, there is no pressure on you to complete the modules in a set time.

Once you have made your purchase, we will then register you manually and send you your log in details. This is normally done within 1 working day Monday - Friday. It can take longer than this during the weekends and holiday periods.

If you wish to start your course immediately, you can register and purchase the course directly from our learning website by clicking this link.


Course material is also downloadable in PDF for each module for you to keep for future reference. Following each module is a simple multiple-choice question assessment to ensure you have understood the coursework. Short videos and mp3s are used as part of the learning materials. 

You will receive an electronic certificate at the end of the course. A signed, printed version with a gold seal will be available at an extra cost which can then be posted to you. 

Available on the website: http://spiritwalkercrystalshop.co.uk/Moon-Magic


Does it work?

I had decided to write the Moon Magic Course.

On the New Moon, I started a journal and in it I wrote down my intentions for the month. Some I thought were doable some I felt were pushing it a bit but none the less I placed my wishes.

On the evening of the New Moon, I did the New Moon Ceremony, lit my candle, incense etc and set about pulling down the energy of the Moon.

On my list was to complete creating this course within the lunar month and one of my bigger wishes was to change my 2 birth motorhome to a 4 birth. I had no idea how I would manage this one as I had no spare cash to do so.

I had got caught up with other things and yesterday morning, this course was nowhere near completion. Then I bent down and hurt my back. (Be careful what you wish for) It gave me the time to sit down and complete the course on time.

I am not going to go into too much detail, but just to say, that the following New Moon. I launched this course as planned at the previous New Moon. The next day I exchanged my 2 birth Motorhome for 4 birth one. It was quite an amazing month and I can’t quite believe how magical was.


Does it work? Yes it does.

Gaye x


Moon Magic Course - Online Course Schedule

Module One:


The History of the Moon

The Eight Phases of the Moon


Module Two:

The New Moon

Meditation Techniques

How to Create A Sacred Space

New Moon Meditation

New Moon Ritual


Module Three

The Waxing Crescent Moon 

The First Quarter Moon

The Gibbous Moon

Fire Pit Ceremony


Module Four

The Full Moon

The Moon Forgiveness Ceremony

Full Moon Names


Module Five

Waning Gibbous or Disseminating Moon

Last Quarter Moon

Balsamic Moon

The Dark Moon


Module Six

Lunar Cycle Workbook

Moon Manifesting

Daily Meditation


Module Seven

Moon in Zodiac Signs

Supermoons and Luner Eclipse


Module Eight

Pot of Gold Meditation

Fine Tuning your Moon Magic Wishes

Limiting Beliefs


Module NIne

Preparing your wishes

Being specific in what you ask for


Module Ten

Using Visualisation

Cosmic Moon Wishing Warehouse

Vision Boards


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Available on the website: http://spiritwalkercrystalshop.co.uk/Moon-Magic



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