Large Amber Wand Specimen Named Khaza

Large Amber Wand Specimen Named Khaza

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Khaza is a Large Amber Wand Specimen which measures approx 80mm x 45mm and will come in an organza keepsake pouch. Perfect for repairing the aura.

Metaphysical Healing Properties and Magical Meanings of Amber

Amber is not technically a crystal, but a tree resin. It was used in ancient times as a form of antibiotic. It guards against psychic attack and is frequently worn by healers. It is an excellent choice to protect against psychic vampires. It encourages memory recall in all ages and infuses the wearer with a renewed vitality for life. Amber is a very calming stone the brings peace and harmony to the user. It encourages trust from those around us.


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Condition New
Age Group Adult
Gender Unisex
Brand Spirit Walker Crystals
Colour Orange
Counrty of Origin Madagascar

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