Onyx Egg 70mm 'MATRIX'

Onyx Egg 70mm 'MATRIX'

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Matrix is a lovely and original Onyx Egg which measures approx 70mm x 50mm. Hold when you need to envoke some inner strength.


Metaphysical Healing Properties and Magical Meanings of Onyx

Onyx comes in a variety of colours.  It is a stone that can help prevent energy drainage and help guard against psychic attack. Onyx can infuse you with strength emotionally and give you the determination to see a project through to the end. It can help improve memory making it a good choice for those studying or in later life when our memory needs a little nudge in the right direction. Onyx also helps aid recovery from ill health.

Additional product information

Condition New
Age Group Adult
Gender Unisex
Colour Green
Counrty of Origin Brazil

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