2 Year Professional Crystal Healing Diploma

2 Year Professional Crystal Healing Diploma

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2 year Crystal Healing Online Diploma

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Paying by instalments: you can cancel your course at any time if you decide the course is not for you. By cancelling your course during the duration of your instalment plan, you will automatically be suspended from the course and will not be allowed to continue with your studies. All monies paid will be lost and no refunds will be given on monies paid. If a monthly payment is missed, you will automatically be denied access to your course until payment is made.


Thank you for showing an interest in the Spirit Walker Crystals 2 Year Diploma Course in Crystal Therapy. The developers of this course are both Reiki Master Teachers and are Crystal trained to diploma level. Both have a medical background in nursing giving them a good basic knowledge of the human body in its physical form. Their spiritual training enhances this knowledge allowing them to see how the physical body connects to its subtle energy system. We feel that traditional medicine still has a very important part to play when treating the symptoms of disease whilst our Crystal Reiki background allows us to see and treat the root of the problem.

The course is divided into 24 distance learning modules.

* A pass mark of 70% must be achieved for each module. The course is broken down into bite size pieces so that you can work through it at your own pace.

The course aims to provide students with a comprehensive knowledge of crystal healing allowing you to gain insurance and work as a fully accredited crystal therapist.

We believe that before we can work competently with crystals that there is first a need to understand not only the physical body but also the subtle bodies of the aura and chakra system and how they interact with each other. As part of this course, we encourage our students to work with their client’s intent as well as their own; we will also be working with colour and other similar healing techniques. To ensure students understand what is happening during a healing, it is essential that case studies are completed regularly throughout the course. 

Throughout the course, students will be encouraged to create their own crystal layouts. Our aim is to produce autonomous therapists who will be able to recognise their own intuition and to develop their own intuitive skills when working with both clients and crystals. We want all students to blossom into confident therapists with a good understanding of Crystals allowing them to work clearly and safely as a Crystal therapist.

Our vision for the successful students is:

To be competent in the use of crystals

To have a good understanding and knowledge of over 120+ crystals

To have received instruction to a high standard

To have grown as a person, nurturing a love of crystals along the way

To have shown the ability to work intuitively and recognise instructions and guidance from their own spirit guides

To have acquired the skills required of them as well as the knowledge to know when they may need to seek additional guidance from another colleague or professional.

Happy and has enjoyed their crystal journey leaving always wanting to know more.

To have been nurtured an individual, allowing them to become confident in their own ability to be a strong channel for the healing energies.

Students will be given information on one crystal per module and will be expected to research a further 4 crystals via the internet, books as well as by meditation, which allow the students to make a personal connection with their crystals and work tools. At the end of each module, the student will be expected to answer a series of questions and present your research in your own words. We do not accept work that is simply copied and pasted from the internet. Students will be expected to produce at least one case study per module detailing any treatments, crystals used and personal and client experience. A client feedback form should be submitted with each case study. You will not be expected to complete a case study before module 4.

Students should keep a bibliography to show where they have got the information from and any interesting articles can be submitted in support of the information given in assignments.







Student Support throughout the course:

We have a support group on the learning platform which is only accessible to diploma students.


If you wish to discuss this course further, please contact us on 01844 872011

This course has been accredited by the IPTI and student insurance is available through them.


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