2 Year Diploma in Crystal Reiki Healing

2 Year Diploma in Crystal Reiki Healing


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2 year Crystal Reiki Healing Diploma

With three intensive one day workshops, two of which are your Reiki Level One and Two plus your final assessment day


Once you have paid for your course or you have paid your first instalment if you are spreading the cost, we will contact you to organise your first workshop and send you module one.

Thank you for showing an interest in the Spirit Walker Crystals 2 Year Diploma Course in Crystal Therapy. The developers of this course are both Reiki Master Teachers and are Crystal trained to diploma level. Both have a medical background in nursing giving them a good basic knowledge of the human body in its physical form. Their spiritual training enhances this knowledge allowing them to see how the physical body connects to its subtle energy system. We feel that traditional medicine still has a very important part to play when treating the symptoms of disease whilst our Crystal Reiki background allows us to see and treat the root of the problem.

The course is divided into 24 distance learning modules and four intensive one-day crystal therapy workshops, the final being an assessment of your ability to work as a Crystal Therapist.

* A pass mark of 70% must be achieved for each module.

Students will receive a comprehensive handout/workbook for each module which is expected to be completed and handed in at the end of each monthly period. You can, however, take longer than this if you wish. Each module will give students information on one crystal as well as the other major aspects of the course; the student will be expected to research four other crystals each module

The course aims to provide students with a comprehensive knowledge, in the ability to blend the amazing energy of crystals with the gentle energy of Reiki. Students will be encouraged to grow into their new role under supervision and support to become competent and safe Crystal Reiki Therapists.

We believe that before we can work competently with crystals that there is first a need to understand not only the physical body but also the subtle bodies of the aura and chakra system and how they interact with each other. As part of this course, we encourage our students to work with their client’s intent as well as their own; we will also be working with colour and other similar healing techniques. To ensure students understand what is happening during a healing, it is essential that case studies are completed regularly throughout the course. Students will be expected to complete a minimum of 2 case studies per module as part of the diploma course.
Throughout the course, students will be encouraged to create their own crystal layouts as well as practice the ones that we will demonstrate during the workshops. Our aim is to produce autonomous therapists who will be able to recognise their own intuition and to develop their own intuitive skills when working with both clients and crystals. We want all students to blossom into confident therapists with a good understanding of Crystals allowing them to work clearly and safely as a Crystal therapist.

Our vision for the successful students is:

To be competent in the use of crystals

To have a good understanding and knowledge of over 120+ crystals

To have received instruction to a high standard

To have grown as a person, nurturing a love of crystals along the way

To have shown the ability to work intuitively and recognise instructions and guidance from their own spirit guides

To have acquired the skills required of them as well as the knowledge to know when they may need to seek additional guidance from another colleague or professional.

Happy and has enjoyed their crystal journey leaving always wanting to know more.

To have been nurtured an individual, allowing them to become confident in their own ability to be a strong channel for the healing energies.

Students will be given information on one crystal per module and will be expected to research a further 4 crystals via the internet, books as well as by meditation, which allow the students to make a personal connection with their crystals and work tools. At the end of each module, the student will be expected to answer a series of questions and present your research in your own words. We do not accept work that is simply copied and pasted from the internet. Students will be expected to produce at least one case study per module detailing any treatments, crystals used and personal and client experience. A client feedback form should be submitted with each case study.

Students should keep a bibliography to show where they have got the information from and any interesting articles can be submitted in support of the information given in assignments.


We will provide you with a study pack which includes:

  • A full study timetable for the 24 months which aims to keep you on track to complete your goal.
  • A full list of the crystals including when they are due to be covered during the course and those which are a free choice.
  • A full subject list of when all topics are due to be covered.
  • A sample meditation and evaluation so that you know what standard of work we are looking for.

Student Support throughout the course:

We have a support group on Facebook which is only accessible to diploma students

The crystals to be studied during the period of the course:

1.Agate a.Blue Lace Agate b.Crazy Lace Agate c.Fire Agate d.Moss Agate e.Pink Agate f.Tree Agate 2.Amazonite 3.Amber 4.Amethyst 5.Ametrine 6.Angelite 7.Apatite 8.Apophyllite 9.Azeztulite (h) 10.Aura Crystals a.Aqua Aura b.Champagne Aura c.Tangerine Aura 11.Aquamarine 12.Atlantisite 13.Aventurine a.Green b.Blue 14.Black Onyx 15.Bloodstone 16.Blue Coral 17.Boji Stones 18.Calcite a.Blue Calcite b.Honey Calcite c.Mangano Calcite (Pink Calcite) d.Yellow Calcite 19.Carnelian 20.Cavansite 21.Celestite (h) 22.Chiastolite 23.Chrysanthemum stone 24.Chrysocolla 25.Chrysoprase 26.Citrine 27.Clear Quartz 28.Danburite (h) 29.Dioptase 30.Dream Quartz (h) 31.Dumortierite 32.Emerald 33.Flourite 34.Garnet 35.Goldstone 36.Hematite 37.Herkimer Diamond (h) 38.Howlite a.Blue b.White 39.Infinite 40.Iolite 41.Jade a.Black Jade b.Midnight Lemurian Jade c.New Jade d.Yellow Jade 42.Jasper a.Brecciated Jasper b.Dalmatian Jasper c.Leopardskin Jasper d.Poppy Jasper e.Picasso Jasper f.Picture Jasper g.Red Jasper h.Yellow Jasper i.Zebra Jasper 43.Jet 44.Kunzite 45.Kyanite a.Black Kyanite b.Blue Kyanite 46.Labradolite 47.Lapis Lazuli 48.Larimar 49.Lemurian Seed (h) 50.Lepidolite 51.Lodestone 52.Malachite 53.Magnacite 54.Merlinite 55.Moldavite (h) 56.Mookite 57.Moonstone a.Black Moonstone b.Green Moonstone c.Moonstone d.Rainbow Moonstone 58.Obsidian a.Black Obsidian b.Apache Tears c.Golden Obsidian d.Rainbow Obsidian 59.Opal a.Blue b.Pink 60.Opalite 61.Peridot 62.Phantom Quartz 63.Pietersite 64.Prehnite 65.Pyrite 66.Raspberry Quartz 67.Red Tiger Eye 68.Rhodochrosite 69.Rhodonite 70.Rose Quartz 71.Ruby in Fuschite 72.Rutilated Quartz 73.Sardonyx 74.Selinite (h) 75.Serephinite 76.Serpentine 77.Smokey Quartz 78.Snow Quartz 79.Snowflake Obsidian 80.Sodalite 81.Starstone 82.Strawberry Quartz 83.Sugalite 84.Sunstone 85.Tanzanite (h) 86.Tiger Eye a.Blue b.Brown c.Red 87.Topaz a.Blue Topaz b.Mystic Topaz c.Yellow Topaz 88.Tourmaline a.Black Tourmaline b.Green Tourmaline c.Pink Tourmaline d.Tourmaline Quartz e.Watermelon Tourmaline 89.Turquoise 90.Unakite. We add to this list as an when new crystals become available. A full crystal list will be sent with your first module.

Subjects and Topics to be covered during the 2 Year Syllabus:

Anatomy & Physiology covering the following

Main Internal Organs of the body

Cardiovascular System

Digestive System

Reproductive System

- Respiratory System

 Skeletal System

The Human Brain

The Skin

Achieving your goals

Angel Messages and Signs

Angelic Attunement

Angelic Energy

Animals and Crystals

Aura and Chakra Systems

Aura Scanning

Aura Sprays

Choosing your Crystals

Cleansing Crystals

Comparing crystal size - is bigger better?

Comparing Low and High Energy Crystals


Contraindications to Crystal Therapy

Corresponding Chakras to Ailments

Cosmic Ordering

Creating a Sacred Space

Creating a safe space in which to work

Creating your own layouts

Crystal Anniversaries

Crystal Astrology

Crystal Attunement

Crystal Communication

Crystal Divas

Crystal forms and shapes

Crystal Formations

Crystal Formation

Crystal Grid - 12 Crystal Web of Light

Crystal Grid - Figure of Eight Grid

Crystal Grid - Lemurian Seed

Crystal Grid - Merkaba

Crystal Grid - Quartz Energy Grid

Crystal Grid - Quartz Energy Removal Grid

Crystal Grid - Simple Amethyst Protection Grid

Crystal Grid - Removing Auric Negative Energy

Crystal Grid - Star of David Crystal Web

Crystal Grid - Triangle Grid - Example 1

Crystal Grid - Zig Zag

Crystal Healing - How does it work?

Crystal Skull Attunement

Crystal Skulls

Crystal Systems

Crystal Waters and Elixirs

Crystals for Divination

Crystals for Pain Relief

Dealing with an attachment

Dealing with Grief

De-programming Crystals

Directing Energy with Quartz

Distance Healing

Dowsing the Aura


Energising your crystals

Energy Hooks and Auric Cords

Energy Systems - The Meridians

Experiencing Different Energy Flows

Free Writing


Grounding and Protection

Hand Positions for Crystal Therapy

Healing Crisis - How to recognise and deal with it

Healing Diary

High Energy Crystals

History and Mythology of Crystals

History Taking

Interpreting Auric Colours

Jumping Crystals

Layout - Chakra

Layout - Cosmic Ordering

Layout - Coping with Grief

Layout - Distance

Layout - Energising

Layout - Fertility

Layout - Healing Crisis

Layout - Improving the mind

Layout - Past Life

Layout - Pain Relief

Layout - Psychic Attack

Layout - self Love

Medical Conditions - Asthma

Medical Conditions - Anaphylactic Shock

Medical Conditions - Diabetes

Medical Conditions - Epilepsy

Medical Conditions - MI and Heart Attack

Meditation - Chakra Layout

Meditation - Earth Star

Meditation - Soul Star

Meditation and Self Discipline

Meeting your spirit guides

Mohs scale of Hardness

Past Life Awareness

Past Life Debris

Past Life Regression

Pendulum Dowsing


Power of Belief

Programming your crystals

Protecting yourself and your client

Psychic Attack

Psychic Mugging

Psychic Protection and Crystal Shapes

Psychic Self Protection

Psychic Surgery

Psychic Vampires

Raising energy within a room

Recognising Auric Cords

Recognising holes and tears in the aura

Relaxing your client with Hypnotic Tones

Removing Negative Energy from the Aura

Removing Objects from the Aura

Removing Stress from the Aura

Repairing Auras

Repairing the damage

Re-positioning the aura

Representational Systems of Intuition

Running a Practice - Accounts, Vat, Insurance

Sacred Geometry

Shamanic Style Removal of Negative Energy

Silent Witness

Space Clearing

Spirit Guides

Storing Crystals


The Human Aura - Expanding the aura

The Right to Challenge

Thought forms

Toxic Emotions

Toxic Stones

Using Hypnotic Tones in Meditations

Wands and How to use them

What is Crystal Healing and how it works

Working with your guides

What we also provide you with during the course:

A guided chakra meditation

A crystal cleansing meditation

A crystal journey meditation

If you wish to discuss this course further, please contact us on 01844 281239

This course has been accredited by the IPTI and student insurance is available through them.



Independent Professional Therapists International

Terms and Conditions:

Cancellation charges are as follows:

1.      More than 7 days prior to commencement of your course, you will lose your deposit only; any other monies paid over and above the deposit will be refunded

2.      7 days or less prior to the commencement of your course – 100% of the final invoice will be due and no refund will be issued.

3.      If you cancel after you have commenced your studies, the full outstanding monies will remain due and be charged to your card accordingly.

4.      Commencement of the course is considered to have started once you have received your first module.

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