A crystal pyramid has four sides and a base. If found in it’s natural formation, the base may be squared off. Apophyllite has naturally forming pyramid shaped crystals which tightly focuses energy through the apex. Such crystals are good for manifesting. Pyramids can be formed within your mind over your home, a room, your workplace, your car or yourself. Pyramids have been used as a mode of protection since ancient times and continue to be a popular and easy way of putting up a protective barrier around yourself or a larger area. Remember that when you are creating your pyramid, it will require a base as well as the four walls that meet at the apex.

Place a crystal pyramid in the centre of the room and visualise it expanding out in all directions until your room is contained within the pyramid. You can then extend this for as far as you want

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Aventurine Pyramid 42mm Named Garden

Product no.: PY-AVT-GARDEN

Garden is a lovely pyramid in Aventurine which measures approx 42mm x 42mm and has been cleansed and blessed with Reiki


Rose Quartz Pyramid 40mm Named Bella

Product no.: PY-ROQ-BELLA

Bella is a Rose Quartz Pyramid which measures approx 40mm and has been cleansed and blessed with Reiki


New Mookite Pyramid 45mm Named Bounty

Product no.: PY-MOO-BOUNTY

Bounty is a Mookite Pyramid of 45mm size and comes in a Maroon Colour. It has been cleansed and blessed with Reiki.


Banded Carnelian Crystal Pyramid 60mm 'BRUNDSTON'


Carnelian Crystal Pyramid which has been Reiki Cleansed and Blessed in our Oxfordshire Crystal Shop

Stock level: 1