Hospital Wing

Hospital Wing

Hospital Wing
Inevitably we have a few casualties within the shop. There is often minor flaws within this particular section of crystals and the issue with the crystals will be described within the write up of the item. This enables you to be fully aware of what you are purchasing, however these items are not returnable and are purchased as described. The items in this section can also be found within the normal sections but will be highlighted as a casualty. There is mostly only one of the damaged items and once sold will be removed from this section.

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Large Snowflake Obsidian Buddha 80mm 'Secret'

Product no.: BD-SNF-SECRET

Large Snowflake Obsidian Buddha of 80mm with some beautiful snowflake markings. We have named this buddha Secret.

Stock level: 1

New Selenite Angel Mountain 100mm Named Pansy

Product no.: AM-SEL-PANSY

Selenite Angel Mountain Named Pansy which measure approx 10cms named Pansy. It has been cleansed and blessed with Reiki

Stock level: 2