Buddha Carvings

Buddha Carvings

Rub the belly of a crystal Buddha carving to bring you good luck. We have a large variety of crystal Buddhas from which to choose in lots of different gemtstones. Buddha Carvings are thought to bring good luck, good fortune and contentment in life. Hold in your hands to bring calm.

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Large Snowflake Obsidian Buddha 80mm 'Secret'

Product no.: BD-SNF-SECRET

Large Snowflake Obsidian Buddha of 80mm with some beautiful snowflake markings. We have named this buddha Secret.

Stock level: 1

Orange Calcite Crystal Buddha 50mm 'KYM'

Product no.: BD-OCA-KYM__06-BM05-A

Lovely Orange Calcite Buddha that has been Reiki cleansed and blessed in our UK based Online Crystal Shop

Stock level: 1