Reiki Healing Bears

Reiki Healing Bears

Reiki Healing Bears

We sell a variety of Reiki Healing Bears. We stock a variety of styles of Reiki Healing bears. All our Reiki healing bears will be energised with Reiki Healing Energy and programmed to be replenished with absent healing every day. The Reiki energy can be received by just holding the bears or placing near the person needing the healing. The Crystal Healing bear has a hidden zip so that crystals can be placed inside the bear.

Reiki Healing bears make great gifts for birthdays, new babies, pregnant mothers, fertility or just because you love bears. All our Reiki bears come boxed with an information leaflet on the Reiki healing qualities and we believe they work. If you want your bear to be a little bit extra special we can gift box it in an appropriate sized box and send it direct to the recipient.

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Soft Plush Reiki Healing Bear 40cms 'Reiki Bear'

Product no.: HB-REIKI-MM25

Reiki Bear with Zip at the back to place crystals inside. Our Reiki Bears are replenished with Reiki daily.


Soft Plush Reiki Healing Bear 28cms Named Joe

Product no.: HB-JOE-MM21M

Small sized Reiki Bear that comes with it's own T-Shirt and a leaflet that tells you how to use him. 


Soft Plush Reiki Healing Bear 37cms Named Jack

Product no.: HB-JACK-MM21L

Jack is our Medium sized Reiki Bear which comes with his own T-Shirt and a leaflet indicating how to use him.