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We are constantly updating our stocks with new and exciting items. Many of our crystals are firm favourites and will be restocked as soon as possible and will therefore be placed within this category. Check back daily to keep up to date with which items are back in stock. 



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White Howlite Sitting Laughing Buddha Named Spika

Product no.: BD-WHH-SIPKA

Spika is a Beautiful White Howlite Buddha which measures 50mm in size.  What a cheeky grin this little chap has. 

Stock level: 1

Chakra 7 Point Generator Grid Named Sammy

Product no.: PY-CHK-SAMMMY

Chakra Generator Grid with 7 points Named Sammy who is approx 90mm from end to end. It has been cleansed and blessed with Reiki

Stock level: 1

Rose Quartz Sitting Laughing Buddha Named Todd

Product no.: BD-ROQ-TODD

Todd is a Beautiful Rose Quartz Buddha which measures 50mm in size.  It has been cleansed and blessed with Reiki.

Stock level: 1

Amethyst Thumbstone or Pocket Stone Named Duffy

Product no.: TS-AMY-DUFFY

Duffy is a lovely Amethyst Thumbstone or Pocket Stone, perfect for keeping in your pocket. 40mm x 30mm. Reiki Cleansed and Blessed


The Wheel of the Year Tarot

Product no.: TD-WOTY

Wheel of the year Tarot Deck. Pack of 78 Cards plus guidebook. This beautiful deck takes you through the four seasons of the year.

Stock level: 1

Black Obsidian Chakra Dowsing Pendulum Named Carina

Product no.: DP-BLO-CARINA

Carina is a lovely Chakra Dowsing Pendulum with a Black Obsidian Inverted Pyramid at the bast and measures approx 60mm


New Aventurine Lucky Elephant 50mm Named Ashley

Product no.: EL-AVT-ASHLEY

Ashley is a lovely lucky Aventurine Elephant which measures approx 50mm. Face towards the door to encourage good luck.


New Cherry Quartz Elephant Named Cutie

Product no.: EL-CHQ-CUTIE

Cutie is a lovely cherry quartz elephant which measures approx 50mm. Place to face a doorway to bring in good luck.


Green Tree ~ White Sage Incense Sticks (15g box)


White Sage Hand Rolled Incense Sticks. Box of 15g by Green Tree. All incense has been Reiki Blessed before leaving us.

Stock level: 30

Large Sage and Cederwood Purifying Mist 4oz Bottle


Large Sage and Cedarwood Purification Spray 4oz Bottle. Great for cleansing any space or room.


Large Sweetgrass Blessings Aromatherapeutic Mist 4oz Bottle


Large Sweetgrass BlessingsSpray 4oz Bottle which is 160mm tall. Use to fragrance your room and cleanse your healing space.


Large Sage Smudge Purification Spray 100ml Bottle

Product no.: AS-CCM-SRAY

Crystal Cleansing Mist - Large White Sage Smudge PurificationSpray 100ml Bottle. The Perfect alternative to Sage

Stock level: 6

White Sage Smudge Stick 4" Bundle

Product no.: SA-SAGE-BUNDLE

White Sage Smudge Stick Bundle. size approx 140mm. Unravel the ties and use a small piece at a time to make it last longer. 

Stock level: 5

Celestite Crystal Angel Charm Bracelet Named Gabriella

Product no.: JB-CEL-GABRIELLA*

Celestite Angel Charm Bracelet. The Bracelet measures approx 19cms before being stretched and has been named Gabriella.


Natural Mookite Specimen 35 - 40mm 'TOFFEE'

Product no.: NC-MOO-TOFFEE-%D

Natural Mookite specimen of approx 35 - 40mm size. One piece will be chosen at random. Cleansed with Reiki

Stock level: 6

Fluorite Heart Pendant on a Chain Named Alana

Product no.: JP-FLU-ALANA__06-GHP5-PC

Fluorite Heart Pendant with a free length of chain. We have named this pendant Alana and its size is approx 25mm.

Stock level: 6

Spiral Unicorn Horn in 100mm Selenite Named Holly

Product no.: UH-SEL-HOLLY

Selenite Spiral or Unicorn horn named Holly which measures approx 100mm. Buy 2 or more and save money.

Stock level: 4

Earth Magic Oracle Cards

Product no.: OC-EM

These are beautiful Earth Magic Oracle Cards by Steven D Farmer. 48 Oracle cards with Guidebook.


Tarot of the Pagan Cats

Product no.: TD-TOPC

Tarot of the Pagan Cats. This set is based around the Rider Waite making it a good set for both beginners and the more experienced readers.


Soft Plush Reiki Healing Bear 37cms Named Jack

Product no.: HB-JACK-MM21L

Jack is our Medium sized Reiki Bear which comes with his own T-Shirt and a leaflet indicating how to use him.


Soft Plush Reiki Healing Bear 40cms 'Reiki Bear'

Product no.: HB-REIKI-MM25

Reiki Bear with Zip at the back to place crystals inside. Our Reiki Bears are replenished with Reiki daily.


Selenite Angel Mountain 100mm Named Pansy

Product no.: AM-SEL-PANSY

Selenite Angel Mountain Named Pansy which measure approx 10cms named Pansy. It has been cleansed and blessed with Reiki

Stock level: 5

Pair of 'Alive' and living Boji Stones - Pop Rocks 28mm

Product no.: TB-POPS-4

Pair of Boji Stones,  pop rocks of approx 24mm. Comes in a keepsake pouch and has been cleansed with Reiki


Large Natural Amethyst Points 'TIPS'

Product no.: NC-AMY-TIPS

Beautiful and Highly charged natural Amethyst Crystal points that measure approx 45 - 75mm and have been blessed with Reiki.

Stock level: 19

Rose Quartz Pendant on a Chain named Karon

Product no.: JP-ROQ-KARON-%D

Rose Quartz Pendant which comes on a chain and which has been Reiki Cleansed and Blessed. Buy 2 or more to get our % discounts


Citrine Tumble Stone

Product no.: TB-CIT-%D

Citrine Tumble Stone. We will send you the largest we have in stock between 10 and 30mm. Buy 2 or more for % Discounts

Stock level: 29

The Essential Home Stabilizer Pack 'HARMONY'

Product no.: NC-MIX-EHSP_%D

Home stabilzer set comprising of Amethyst, Citrine, Clear Quartz & Rose Quartz which has been Reiki Blessed in our UK Based Crystal Shop

Stock level: 18

White Sage Smudge Roll 4 inch.

Product no.: SA-WHITESAGE__40-H81C-%D

White Sage Smudge Stick Roll of 4 inches in length. Great for spiritually cleansing your home about once a month.

Stock level: 8

New Rose Quartz Merkaba Star Dowsing Pendulum Named Bonnie

Product no.: DP-ROQ-BONNY

Bonnie is a Rose Quartz Merkaba Star Crystal Pendulum which is approx 45mm and comes on a chain of approx 17cms

Stock level: 1

Amethyst Single Terminated Pendant with Rainbow Moonstone

Product no.: JP-AMY-PENNY-%D

Lovely Amethyst Pendant with Rainbow Moonstone on a chain, which has been Reiki Cleansed and Blessed. Buy 2 or more and get our % discounts

1 - 30 of 378 results