Aura & Sage Sprays

Aura & Sage Sprays

We stock a range of Aura sprays which have been created especially for Spirit Walker Crystals. Each bottle contains approx 100 sprays and are created using essential oils, crystals essence and intent.

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Large Sweetgrass Blessings Aromatherapeutic Mist 4oz Bottle

Product no.: SA-SWEETGRASS-SRAY__40-H164-%D

Large Sweetgrass BlessingsSpray 4oz Bottle which has been Reiki Cleansed and Blessed in our UK Based Online Crystal Shop

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Large Sage and Cederwood Purifying Mist 4oz Bottle

Product no.: SA-CEDERWOOD__40-H164-%D

Large Sage and Cedarwood Purification Spray 4oz Bottle. Buy two or more to receive customer discounts.

Stock level: 1