Apophyllite Crystal

Apophyllite Crystal

Apophyllite Crystal has naturally forming pyramid shaped crystals which tightly focus energy through the apex. Such crystals are good for manifesting. A pyramid has four sides and a base. If found in its natural formation, the base may be squared off. Pyramids can also be used as a mode of protection by placing within an environment or in the centre of a room or area.  Within healing, pyramids can draw off negative energy and remove blockages from the chakras. A pyramid shape will enhance the healing properties of the stone it has been formed or created from.

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Grade AA Natural Apophyllite Cluster 190mm 'REMEY'

Product no.: NC-APO-REMEY-PC

Large Apophyllite Cluster Druze which has been Reiki Cleansed and Blessed in our UK Based Online Crystal Shop

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