Selenite Angel Mountains

Selenite Angel Mountains

Have you ever wondered where the angels live when they are not helping out us mere mortals? These beautiful and unique pieces of light sculptures are possible representations of where all our wonderful angels reside. Selenite helps us connect with the divine. Place these selenite mountains on a light box to create a rainbow of colours into your living space to help balance your chakra system.


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New Spiral Unicorn Horn in Selenite 90 - 110mm 'UNIVERSE'

Product no.: UH-SEL-UNIVERSE

Selenite Unicorn Horn Spiral Twists which measure approx 10cms and are great to move the energy around.

£7.50 *

New Selenite Angel Mountain Crystal Tower

Product no.: AM-SEL-STUMBLE

10cm Selenite Angel Mountains / Selenite Castle. Each one is unique in the way it has grown.

£4.00 *
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