Twin Flames

Twin Flames

Twin Flame Quartz Formation

When you have two crystals growing out of the same base growing side by side they are known as either Twin Flames or Soul Mates. The Twin Flames can be of similar but not of an equal length which are joined together at the base. They may grow side by side or at angles to each other. Soul Mates on the other hand, are of equal length and grow side by side. They do not have to be perfectly aligned as one may be positioned lower than the other, but they are both of the same lengths and are joined at the base together. 

Twin Flames: Twin Flames attract people to you with whom you will have a compatible spiritual evolvement. There is not a romantic or sexual attraction but more on the level of kindred spirits. A twin flame could be a brother, sister, friend, boss, work colleague or just someone who comes into your life briefly for whatever reason. It is an excellent tool for building up psychic connections with others.

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New Large Trigonic Lemurian Double Terminated Twin Flame Named Bliss

Product no.: NC-CLQ-BLISS

Bliss is a large Self Healed Lemurian Double Terminated Twin Flame with a Trigonic Record Keeper which measures approx 195mm x 85mm