White Sage Smudge

White Sage Smudge

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White Sage Smudge Roll 4 inch.

Product no.: SA-WHITESAGE__40-H81C-%D

White Sage Smudge Stick Roll of 4 inches in length. Great for spiritually cleansing your home about once a month.

Stock level: 8

White Sage Smudge Stick 4" Bundle

Product no.: SA-SAGE-BUNDLE

White Sage Smudge Stick Bundle. size approx 140mm. Unravel the ties and use a small piece at a time to make it last longer. 

Stock level: 5

Large Sage Smudge Purification Spray 100ml Bottle

Product no.: AS-CCM-SRAY

Crystal Cleansing Mist - Large White Sage Smudge PurificationSpray 100ml Bottle. The Perfect alternative to Sage

Stock level: 6

Large Sweetgrass Blessings Aromatherapeutic Mist 4oz Bottle


Large Sweetgrass BlessingsSpray 4oz Bottle which is 160mm tall. Use to fragrance your room and cleanse your healing space.


Large Sage and Cederwood Purifying Mist 4oz Bottle


Large Sage and Cedarwood Purification Spray 4oz Bottle. Great for cleansing any space or room.


White Sage Smudge Set including Abalone Shell

Product no.: SA-SHELLSET

White Sage Smudge set comprising of one White Sage Bundle plus an Abalone Shell to hold it in whilst burning. 


Large Palo Santo Purifying Mist 4oz Bottle


Large Palo Santo Purification Spray 4oz Bottle, bottle measures 160mm tall. Great for cleansing any space or room.


New Selenite Charging Dish 100mm Named Pellie

Product no.: DS-SEL-PELLIE

Pellie is a lovely Selenite Charging dish of approx 100mm. Perfect for charging tumblestones, jewellery and small crystals.