Here is where you will find our ongoing Raffle and previous Raffles.

When you purchase a ticket, your name will be entered onto a colour wheel which will be updated daily until all the tickets are sold. You can purchase as many tickets as you wish, each individual ticket will be issued with a number and your name entered alongside it within the colourful wheel. If you wish to purchase tickets for friends or family, please let us know their names so we can enter them on the wheel. When all the tickets are sold and the wheel is full of names, we will spin it and the winner's name will be displayed when the wheel stops. Tell all your friends and family as the sooner all the tickets are sold, the sooner we will draw the winner. The winner will be notified by telephone and email, then posted on the website and social media. 

You have to be in it to win it!

Good Luck!

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New Raffle - Reclaim Your Power Gift Box

Product no.: Raffle2

Win this lovely Raffle which will allow you to reclaim your personal power.  Tickets are £2 each, raffle drawn when all tickets are sold.

Stock level: 47

Raffle - Win this Healing Gift Set Worth £130 - Winner Kelly Major

Product no.: Raffle1

Winner Kelly Major

Win this lovely Raffle which is a Healing Gift Box worth £130. Tickets are £2 each, raffle drawn when all tickets are sold.