Reiki Presentations

Reiki Presentations

Our Reiki Power Point Presentations are intended for use by Reiki Masters as a teaching aid to their students. Although at Spirit Walker, our students have to produce their own course work as part of their Reiki Master Teacher Training, we are aware that there are many Reiki Master Teachers who have not had to do this as part of their initial training. These presentations are identical to what we use to teach our students, but have all reference to Spirit Walker Crystals removed. Each Level has it's own presentation and has an accompanying Manual which you can purchase at an extra cost. We also sell our Meditation CDs which also compliment the course which include Grounding and Protection, Healing Lake Meditations to cleanse and prepare the student in readiness for the attunment and Meditations for each of the symbols.

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Reiki Level One Power Point Presentation

Product no.: R1-PRES__00-NC-A

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Reiki Level Two Power Point Presentation

Product no.: R2-PRES__00-NC-A

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New Reiki Master Power Point Presentation

Product no.: R3-PRES__00-NC-A

£27.99 *
Stock level: 93
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