Certificates & Manuals

Certificates & Manuals

When I qualified as a Reiki Master I designed my own Reiki Certificates in a range of colours. These Reiki certificates are now available on the Spirit Walker Website. All our Reiki Certificates come complete with your name as the Reiki Master as standard and all come with a gold coloured embossed seal with the Reiki Symbol on it. Your certificates will be produced and dispatched within 24 to 48 hours of receiving the payment. Certificates can also be purchased for a small extra charge with the name of the Reiki Student and Date of Attunement printed onto the certificate.

We also now do a range of Teaching Aids for Reiki Master Teachers to use which include Reiki Manuals, Power Point Presentations, Meditations for grounding and protection, cleansing meditation prior to attunement and meditations to experience the energy of each of the Reiki Symbols.

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Bespoke Reiki Certificates - Made to order

Product no.: RC-BASIC

From £5.99 *
Stock level: 1,000

Reiki Level Two Course Manual

Product no.: R2-MAN__00-NC-A

£29.99 *
Stock level: 50

Reiki Level Two Power Point Presentation

Product no.: R2-PRES__00-NC-A

£27.99 *
Stock level: 89

Reiki Level One Power Point Presentation

Product no.: R1-PRES__00-NC-A

£27.99 *
Stock level: 79

Grounding and Protection with Chakra Meditation 'REIki 2 CD'

Product no.: CD-SWC-R2CH__00-NC-A

£6.99 *
Stock level: 2

Reiki Healing Lake and Power Symbol Meditation 'REIki 2 CD'

Product no.: CD-SWC-R2CKR__00-NC-A

£6.99 *
Stock level: 3

Distance Symbol Meditation 'REIki 2 CD'

Product no.: CD-SWC-R2HSZSN__00-NC-A

£6.99 *
Stock level: 2

Reiki Level Two - Emotional Symbol Meditation (CD)

Product no.: CD-PD11-SWC-SHK__00-NC-A

£6.99 *
Stock level: 2

Reiki Master Course Manual

Product no.: R3-MAN__00-NC-A

£29.99 *
Stock level: 72

New Reiki Master Power Point Presentation

Product no.: R3-PRES__00-NC-A

£27.99 *
Stock level: 93

Reiki Master Teacher Course Manual

Product no.: R4-MAN__00-NC-A

£29.99 *
Stock level: 85
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