Aromatic Diffusers

Aromatic Diffusers

Aromatic Diffusers

These are timeless, elegant, cutting edge and uber cool design meets modern science to create an explosion of scent and fragrences. Diffusers by Madebyzen.To use these as Crystal Diffusers Place two or three crystals in a small jug and leave for 6 - 12 hours. When you want to use your diffuser, put the crystal water into the diffuser and it will release all the crystal energy out into your space. 

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Bamboo Aroma / Crystal Diffuser with Mood Lighting 'SKYE'

Product no.: AD-MBZ-SKYE

£65.99 *
Stock level: 1

Luxury HIgh Fragrance Reed Diffuser

Product no.: RD-OCEANBREEZE__01-LUXDF05-L

£12.98 *
Stock level: 7

Purity Essential Oil Blend ~ SPA 15ml

Product no.: EO-PURITY-SPA

£9.96 *
Stock level: 9

Purity Essential Oil Blend ~ UNWIND 15ml


£9.96 *
Stock level: 1

Purity Essential Oil Blend ~ LOVE 15ml

Product no.: EO-PURITY-LOVE__12-PEBL-A

£9.96 *
Stock level: 3

Purity Essential Oil Blend ~ SENSUAL 15ml


£9.96 *
Stock level: 11
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