Tingsha Bells

Tingsha Bells

Tingsha or Tingsa Bells are two small cymbols joined together by a length of leather thong. You bang the two symbols of the Tingsha Bells together gently to make the sound which can clease crystals or a space. They can also be used in meditation groups by the leader.

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New Tingsa Bells - Tashi Tag Gye Tingsa

Product no.: TG-DARK-NX5C

£20.90 *
Stock level: 8

New Tingsha Bells Himalayan Dragon Naga

Product no.: TG-NAGA-NX5B

£26.10 *
Stock level: 5

New Tingsha Bells - Om Mani Padme Hum

Product no.: TG-OMMANI-NX5A

£20.90 *
Stock level: 7

New Boxed Naga Tingsa Bells

Product no.: TG-NAGA-NX3X

£26.00 *
Stock level: 4

New Mini Tingsha Bells

Product no.: TG-MINI-NX3C

£14.30 *
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