Shell Healing

Shell Healing

Shells compliment crystals on so many levels. They are great for using in crystal layouts and Shell Healing or can be used to place around your home to give it a nautical feel. 

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Mexican Scollop 12cm

Product no.: SH-MEXICAN-SCOLLOP__41-4035-A

£6.30 *
Stock level: 2

Horned Helmet Shell Healing 10 - 15cm

Product no.: SH-HORNED-HELMET__41-4027-A

£16.20 *
Stock level: 6

Shell Multi Strand Necklace in Cream 'FOOTPRINT'

Product no.: JP-SHELL-FOOTPRINT__48-NC-S

£12.73 *
Stock level: 1

Nautilus Pearlized Shell 13 - 15cm

Product no.: SH-NAUTILUS__41-4007P-A

£34.20 *
Stock level: 1

Lambis Chiragra - Rugossa Shell Healing 10 - 13cm

Product no.: SH-LAMBIS-CHIRAGRA__41-4047-A

£2.70 *
Stock level: 12

Foxhead Trapezium Fasciolara Shell Healing

Product no.: SH-FOXHEAD__41-4042N-A

£1.55 *
Stock level: 18

Knobbly Starfish Shell Healing 10cm

Product no.: SH-KNOBBLY-STARFISH__41-4018-A

£1.26 *
Stock level: 20
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