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Etrhnic Fair Trade Gifts

Etrhnic Fair Trade Gifts

We have a range of fair trade ethnic gifts which include wall hangings, bunting, crafts, prayer flags, Bags and Purses

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New Rustic Bells on Rope

Product no.: GW-RUSBELLS-IN039

£21.42 *
Stock level: 2

New Rainbow Purse

Product no.: GW-PURSE4

£2.88 *

New Eagle Head Pendant 'SOOR'

Product no.: JP-EAGLE

£1.50 *
Stock level: 3

New Fair Trade Dogs Shopping Bag

Product no.: NAB-WESTIES

£3.60 *
Stock level: 5

Mini Affirmation Bunting Fridge Magnet

Product no.: GW-FRBUN-BA714

£8.10 *

New Double Pocket Hip Bag

Product no.: NAB-NP378

£19.80 *

New Round Crochet Purse

Product no.: GW-PURSE2

£4.50 *

New String of Birds with Bell

Product no.: GW-BIRDSBELL-4025

£9.00 *
Stock level: 2

New Affirmation Bunting

Product no.: GW-AFFBUN

£14.98 *

New River Bell Ironwork

Product no.: GW-RIVERBELL

£22.50 *
Stock level: 1

Harmony Affirmation Wall Hanging

Product no.: WH-HARMONY-1626

£17.10 *

Happiness Affirmation Wall Hanging

Product no.: WH-HAPPY-1629

£17.10 *
Stock level: 1

Friendship Wall Hanging

Product no.: WH-FRIENDSHIPHANGING__43-1625-A

£14.80 *

New Sun Ironwork Scupture with Bells

Product no.: GW-SUN-IN048

£27.00 *
Stock level: 1

Fossils Playing Cards

Product no.: TD-FOSSILS-CARDS__27-NC-A

£6.00 *
Stock level: 1

New Fair Cross Body Bag in Green and Black

Product no.: NAB-NSBAG06

£7.96 *
Stock level: 2
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