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We are constantly updating our stocks with new and exciting items. Many of our crystals are firm favourites and will be restocked as soon as possible and will therefore be placed within this category. Check back daily to keep up to date with which items are back in stock. 



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New Black Obsidian Crystal Sphere 'Prana'

Product no.: SP-BLO-1

£20.30 *
Stock level: 2

New Picasso Jasper Thumbstone or Pocket Stone 'Camplin'

Product no.: TS-PIC-1

£5.70 *
Stock level: 3

New Carnelian Thumbstone or Pocket Stone 'Rhiannon'

Product no.: TS-CAR-1

£6.30 *
Stock level: 4

New Dalmation Jasper Thumb or Pocket Stone 'Wilbur'

Product no.: TS-DAJ-1

£5.70 *
Stock level: 5

New Snowflake Obsidian Thumbstone or Pocket Stone 'White Iris'

Product no.: TS-SNF-1

£5.70 *
Stock level: 4

New Clear Quartz Thumbstone 'Shimmers'

Product no.: TS-CLQ-1

£6.30 *
Stock level: 6

New Sodalite Thumbstone or Pocket Stone 'Morag'

Product no.: TS-SOD-1

£5.70 *
Stock level: 4

New Opalite Thumbstone or Pocket Stone 'Leoni'

Product no.: TS-OPA-1

£5.70 *
Stock level: 4

New Goldstone Mini Pyramid 'Chipoli'

Product no.: PY-GST-1

£7.10 *
Stock level: 1

New Dalmatian Jasper Mini Pyramid 'Poobah'

Product no.: PY-DAJ-1

£7.10 *
Stock level: 1

New Dragon Guidance Cards

Product no.: OC-DG-2799G

£18.99 *
Stock level: 4

New Starstone Mini Pyramid 'Shylar'

Product no.: PY-STS-1

£7.10 *

New Aventurine Mini Pyramid 'Garden'

Product no.: PY-AVT-1

£7.10 *
Stock level: 1

New Crystal Chakra Healing by Philip Permutt

Product no.: BK-CCH-8538A

£14.99 *
Stock level: 1

New Green Wiccan Herbal Book

Product no.: BK-GWHB

£13.99 *

New Hedge Witch Book

Product no.: BK-HW__36-8712-S

£9.99 *
Stock level: 1

New Reiki Shamanism - A Guide to Out of Body Healing

Product no.: BK-RS-8598

£8.99 *
Stock level: 1

New Amethyst Crystal Skull 'KIERAN'

Product no.: SK-AMY-KIERAN

£36.50 *

New Smokey Quartz Crystal Skull 'SANDRO'

Product no.: SK-SMQ-SANDRO

£30.50 *
Stock level: 1

New Lepidolite Thumbstone or Pocket Stone 'Earry'

Product no.: TS-LEP-EARRY

£4.60 *
Stock level: 7

New Natural Amethyst Points 'TIPS'

Product no.: NC-AMY-TIPS

£5.98 *
Stock level: 6

New Labradorite Carved Crystal Puff Heart 30mm 'COLOURS'

Product no.: PH-LAB-COLOURS

£4.62 *
Stock level: 22

New Red Jasper Lucky Puff Heart 'JASON'

Product no.: PH-REJ-JASON

£4.62 *

New Mixed Stone Tiara 'TINA'

Product no.: TIARA

£120.00 *
Stock level: 1

New Blue Throat Chakra Singing Bowl Set

Product no.: SB-10-THROAT-NP307

£39.50 *
Stock level: 2

New Tingsa Bells - Tashi Tag Gye Tingsa

Product no.: TG-DARK-NX5C

£20.90 *
Stock level: 8

New Wisdom Affirmation Wall Hanging

Product no.: WH-WISDOM-1613

£14.90 *

New Harmony Affirmation Wall Hanging

Product no.: WH-HARMONY-1626

£14.90 *
Stock level: 1

Blue Topaz Silver Stud Earrings 'KEELY'

Product no.: JE-BTP-KEELY-E1437

£22.45 *
Stock level: 1

New Blue Sapphire Twigs Dropper Earrings 'JANIS'

Product no.: JE-SAP-JANIS

£36.49 *
Stock level: 1

New Fire Opal Tree of Life Pendant 'PRIMROSE'

Product no.: JP-FIO-PRIMROSE-P2170

£23.51 *

New Blue Opal Turtle Pendant 'VALEGRA'

Product no.: JP-BOP-VALEGRA

£26.05 *
Stock level: 1

New Healing with the Fairies - Oracle Cards

Product no.: OC-HWTF-2807S

£16.99 *
Stock level: 1

Rutilated Quartz Chip Bracelet 'DELPHINE'

Product no.: JB-RUQ-DELPHINE__25-62042008-A

£4.12 *
Stock level: 9

Amethyst Carved Crystal Buddha 'Perry'

Product no.: BD-AMY-PERRY-BM01

£21.50 *
Stock level: 2

Carnelian Crystal Angel 60mm 'ZSA ZSA'

Product no.: BA-CAR-ZSAZSA

£17.90 *
Stock level: 4
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1 - 36 of 720 results