Hints, Tips & Crystal Resources

Hints, Tips & Crystal Resources

1. Crystal Layout to Relieve the Effects of Chemotherapy

Three Crystal Layouts to try and ease the effects of Chemotherapy for those going through Cancer Treatments. 

2. How to increase your psychic abilities with crystals

Crystals can be used to help develop your psychic ability and to raise your intuitive psychic awareness.

3. Choosing A Crystal - What does it say about you

Crystals say a lot about who we are. Choose your crystal and see what it says about you.

4. Top Crystals to Take To An Interview.

Crystals that can help when you are going for an interview to calm nerves and allow for free speech.

5. What is an energy cord and how can we cut them

What is an energy cord and what crystals can we use to cut the cords that no longer serve us

6. Crystal Layout for Pain Following Hip Replacement

Case Study for a Crystal Layout for pain over hip area following hip replacement and emotional upset. 

7. Top Crystals to Get You Through Your Driving Test

Crystals that can help when you are going for a Driving Test to calm nerves and allow for a positive outcome.

8. How to prepare for an exam and combat the exam nerves

Crystals that can help when you are going for a Exam to calm nerves and allow for a positive outcome.

9. How can I energize my crystals with other crystals

What is an energy cord and what crystals can we use to cut the cords that no longer serve us

10. How to feel the human aura

How to feel the human aura with your hands to enable you to perform an aura scan. This is used in crystal therapy and Reiki therapy.

11. Christmas Crystal Grid

How to feel the human aura with your hands to enable you to perform an aura scan. This is used in crystal therapy and Reiki therapy.

12. How to find your sending and receiving hand

The question was, how do you know which is your sending and receiving hand, so that you know which hand to use your wand in.

13. Which Crystals are good for Diabetes

The question was, can you recommend a crystal layout for diabetes please?

14. How to Spiritually Cleanse Your Home

The question was, how do I spiritually Deep Cleanse and Protect  my Home?

15. How to create a Crystal First Aid Kit

The question was, how do I create a Crystal First Aid Kit?

16. I keep waking up at night

The question was, what crystals can I use to stop night cramps, night sweats and stop me waking up for a drink? I sleep OK, just keep waking up so it is disturbed sleep.

17. How to tell the difference between Clear Quartz and Apophyllite

The question was, how can you tell the difference between Clear Quartz and Apophyllite

18. Crystal Layout to Remove a Thought Form

The question was, how do you remove a thought form

Crystal Tips of the Day


27th July 2016*

Using Crystals in your Garden

Place six tree agate around your garden or allotment to encourage growth. Dot natural chunks of Rose Quartz around so that your garden feels loved. Use Black tourmaline to protect new plants and promote new growth. Use Ocean Jasper to keep them nourished. Use cats eye to keep the cats off your flower beds. Use Aventurine when you have a plant that needs nurturing back to health. Use Moonstone so that your plants can absorb extra energy from the moon over night. Aquamarine can also be put in the water of cut flowers to keep them nourished and last longer. Tumblestone can also be placed around the base of indoor pot plants. By burying them in the soil it not only cleans your stones energetically but also infuses your plants with the stones energy.


25th July 2016*

Ways in which to Keep your crystals clean

There are many ways of cleansing crystals, but this is a question that we are frequently asked and so we decided to run this again.

Water: Run your crystals under running water and visualize any built up negative energy washing away down the sink. Ensure you visualize it turning back into positive as it hits the earth. (Please be mindful that some crystals are water soluble)

Sound: Using Tingsha bells or singing bowls over your crystals

Smoke: Pass your crystals through incense or white sage

Earth: Bury them in mother earth, but use a pot or a marker to remember where they are.

Sea: If you are lucky enough to live close to the ocean, you can wash them in the sea

Sparkle Drops: Use a crystal solution such as sparkle drops

Visualization: Use visualization such as a meditation

Breath: Use the breath - and blow positive energy into them

Other Crystals: Keep an apophyllite amidst your crysals to help keep them free of negative energies


25th July 2016*

Using Crystals to help you sleep

If you find that you are not sleeping, try putting four agate tumblestones ~ one at each corner of the room with a single terminated point facing inwards towards the room in front of each tumblestone. Place a small agate slice or agate cut base geode at the side of your bed or elsewhere in your room facing towards you. If you are not sleeping due to the menopause, try putting a fire agate under your pillow or a set of our Menopause Crystals.

Agate is thought to bring about calm and wellbeing as well as being felt to bring about good luck and financial wealth. It is a stone that is thought to be good for stress and anxiety due to its calming influence and can help relax you before going to bed at night and is thus thought to help you establish a good sleeping pattern. It is felt to be a good general overall crystal for use in crystal therapy and would be useful when placed on the sacral chakra where the reproductive system is situated.


24th July 2016

Crystal Layout to lift depression and release anxiety

Coping with depression, stress and anxiety can be very debilitating. This layout will help to lift the depression and relieve the stress and anxiety that can go along side it.

To create a layout place one turquoise howlite heart on the throat chakra with the point facing upwards towards the head. Place a Lapis Lazuli heart on the brow chakra with the point facing downwards. Set your intent that they will both release issues with the throat and brow area and as they meet in the middle, the negative energy will meet and erupt upwards out of the body like a geezer. Just above the head place a tiger eye heart at the level of the soma chakra and an opalite heart at the level of the crown chakra. Around the top of the head place single terminated points in a fan shape with small amethyst points placed in between them. Above the opalite heart place a super seven and two black kyanite either side of that. Place a further two black kyanite on the outer edge of the pillow and a piece of stillbite under the pillow to allow the client to relax well during the session. You can replace the hearts with tumblestones. Leave in position for 15 - 20 minutes and repeat as necessary.


23rd July 2016

Crystal Layout to Remove Grief but Keep the Happy Memories

When we lose someone we love to the spirit world or for other reasons such as divorce, the grief can be devastating and can remain with us for many years. Eventually it will be time to let go and allow the grief to disperse. However there will be happy memories too which you will want to hold onto.

To create a layout to do both these things place an Apache tear about the level of the higher heart chakra. Below this place a rose quartz puff hear or a large tumblestone if you don't have a heart shaped crystal. leading from the bottom of the rose quartz puff heart place three Danburite placed in a fan shape. Beneath the middle Danburite place a further Danburite placed horizontal to the body. Finally and about level with the heart chakra place a good sized piece of fuschite to keep the magic of life alive. Lie within this layout for 15 to 20 minutes. During the day wear a Kunzite bracelet alongside a black obsidian or black onyx bracelet.


22nd July 2016

Using crystals to make new friendships

Blue or Turquosie Howlite is known as the stone of friendship. Give Turquoise or Blue Howlite to friends to keep your relationship harmonious. Carry Blue Howlite with you if you want to attract new friendships.

BLUE HOWLITE: Blue Howlite is an excellent stone for meditation as it is particularly calming. It is thought to be good for insomnia, pregnancy, absorbing anger, stress, anxiety and nervous tension. It is sometimes referred to as the stone of friendship as it is thought to both attract new friends and keep established friendships in harmony. A good choice for dental care, oral hygiene and calcium absorption.


20th July 2016

Using Crystals to Communicate with our loved ones in spirit

When we lose family and friends to the spirit world, it can leave a big gaping hole. It's the little things we frequently miss, like coming home and talking to them when you have had a bad day, or picking up the telephone to give them your exciting news.

Apophyllite is often called 'One of the Stones of Heaven' due to its ability to awaken your psychic abilities and thus aid you in communicating with your loved ones. Simply hold or place a small piece of apophyliite at the level of the heart chakra, close your eyes and imagine, feel or sense that you are sat opposite the person you want to communicate with and just talk to them.


15th July 2016

Use Crystals when you need to regain your sparkle

Place Fuschite in your home or workspace when you want to bring the sparkle back into your life.

FUSCHITE: Fuschite stimulates the healing energies of other crystals and so is very useful healing layouts. It is a stone that brings out the inner child. It is often called the fairy crystals as it scatters green shimmers and flecks of gold around if rubbed. It is frequently called the wish crystal and promotes laughter in children and adults alike. Fuschite is useful for treating the spleen, adrenal glands and blood circulation and can help to treat carpal tunnel syndrome. It can assist in aligning the spine and increase the flexibility of muscles. It is said to enhance romance, marriage, integrity, devotion and passion. It helps in all things related to Love. It also stimulates the mind and emotions. It can help you "bounce back" after particularly tense or stressful physical or emotional situations.


14th July 2016

How crystals can help you achieve the impossible

When things seem like they are just impossible to achieve, you need to Act as If and Believe 110%. Carry this lovely new Crystal which was named Bumble Bee Jasper due to its colouring to help you achieve what others believe cannot be done.

Bumble Bee Jasper: This is an excellent stone for allergies. It is an excellent healing stone which promotes total honesty with yourself and others. It allows you to triumph over the impossible just as the bee is able to fly and yet is not aerodynamically designed to do so. It is a stone that is good for pollinating new projects and is a supremely nurturing stone. It is a good choice for children as it encourages us to be social with others and allows us to make new friends easily.


13th July 2016

How to set about creating the right layout for you?

You first need to think about what it is you want to achieve. For this example I have chosen to build up business and be even more successful in all that you do..

Chose your items items to be included and set your intent as to what they will do:

  • A salt lamp to create a harmonious business and as you light the lamp each morning set your intent that is will shine a beacon for your continued success.
  • A business success set of crystals - which we have used since we first started up in business in 2005 - it can do the same for you if you allow it too
  • Three Natural Rose Quartz Chunks to promote unconditional love to your customers, three being the number of manifestation
  • Three Natural Citrine Points placed between the Natural Rose Quartz to bring finance into your business.
  • Points face inwards towards our business success crystals to encourage financial growth, the way it is placed between the Rose Quartz ensures that the growth is not done at the expense of customer care.
  • Seven Citrine Tumble Stones placed either side of each point and one extra to make the seven which is a spiritual number as we wanted to be successful but remain spiritual.
  • One large Merlinite tumblestone placed in front of the light and above the business success crystals to create magical feel about your business.
  • One smoke box to burn incense into which you can place another three citrine tumblestones.
  • Turn on the light every morning and light up an incense stick to cleanse your space and send out a smoke signal to potential customers. Cirlce the incense around the ring of crystals and wave it upwards to encourage upward growth. On this table you can also placed your business cards and promotional leaflets to set your intent on what you are ordering.


11th July 2016

Using Crystal Skulls in Layouts and Opening up your Crown Chakra?

Layouts do not need to complicated and the important thing is to set your intent as you lay your crystals down. A blocked crown chakra can inhibit your ability to connect with spirit, cause confusion, include poor thinking ability, lack of self belief and can lead to poor memory.

To open up your crown chakra use a clear quartz skull at the level just above the crown chakra, three double terminated lemurian quartz points with the central one facing downwards and the other two placed at right angles, also facing downwards. Place one large merlinite tumblestone under the central lemurian point and in line with the skull. The energy flows down through the crown of the skull, circulates inside then beams outwards through the eye sockets into the lemurian points which then rotates the energy at a speed that is just right for the client. The merlinite helps to capture the magic allowing the client to believe in themselves again. Using skulls in layouts amplifies the healing energy within that layout and broadens the area the crystals can cover.


9th July 2016

Using Crystals to stop yo-yo dieting?

Balance and regulate your metabolism with Labradorite / Labradolite. (Using 7 Labradorite Tumbles) Lie down and place one Labradorite tumblestone just above your head, one just below your diaphragm and five in a circle over your lower abdomen. Visualise energy coming in through your crown chakra and into the first stone above your head. See the light moving downwards towards the stone just beneath your diaphragm and then moving onto the ones in a circle on your lower abdomen. Visualise the energy moving clockwise around your abdomen in perfect harmony with your physical body. Relax and remain in situ for 15 - 20 mins. Repeat daily if necessary and as your body adjusts repeat weekly or monthly to maintain the correct balance for you.

LABRADORITE: Labradolite is considered to be the stone of transformation. It is good for protecting the aura & spiritual growth as it strengthens the spiritual connection and psychic awareness encouraging you to connect with your intuition. It is good for P.M.T., gall bladder problems, pre-eclampsia, stress, vertigo, hypertension and gout. It is also said to be helpful for eye issues, rheumatism and is good for regulating metabolism.


8th July 2016

Using crystals to bring good luck and promote harmony

Using crystals to bring good luck and harmony Agate are a fabulous stone that attracts good luck and promotes harmony within the environment in which it resides. Keep a small cut base agate geode on your desk at work to make your work space harmonious to work in.

Agate is also good for developing your intuition and mediumistic abilities as well as protecting you from those harmful rays that come off your computers and mobile phones.


7th July 2016

Using crystals to release emotional hurt

When we have been hurt emotionally we often collect the negative feelings within the heart chakra. Using a combination of stones and crystals can begin the healing process that can take a little bit of time to resolve. . Place one unakite tumblestone at the level of the physical heart. Place two clear quartz points at right angles underneath the unakite and an infinite stone at the base between the clear quartz points. Leave in position for approx 15 to 20 mins. To continue the healing process wear or keep Unakite within your living or working space


6th July 2016

Using crystals to strengthen your aura against psychic attack

Carry or wear Tourmaline Quartz to strengthen your aura against psychic attack. Psychic attack can happen when you least expect it and can be as simple as someone thinking malicious thoughts about you. Signs of psychic attack include a feeling of being watched, being drained, feeling down for no apparent reason.

TOURMALINE QUARTZ: Tourmaline Quartz protects during astral travel and also attracts good luck. It is thought to be good for dyslexia, anxiety, arthritis, fear and is a great confidence booster. Tourmaline Quartz changes negative energy into positive and strengthens the aura against psychic attack. It is a very good grounding stone and promotes a feeling of self belief and helps alleviate the need to self harm.


5th July 2016

Using crystals to relieve stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety can be very debilitating and we can often feel that nobody else understands how we feel and so we cam become irritable and are often misunderstood. To relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety hold a Lapis Lazuli Sphere or egg during stressful times allowing all your worries to enter the stone you are holding. Another way would be to lie or sit in a quite space and surround yourself with 7 Lapis Lazuli Stones and 7 Clear Quartz points on the floor. Have the Lapis Lazuli Stones furthest away from you and the clear quartz points on the inside with the pointy end facing away from you and towards the Lapis Lazuli Stone. This directs the stress and anxiety away from you and into the stones. Be sure to cleanse the stones after your session.


4th July 2016

That special crystal to make the magic happen.

They say that when you start wearing or using Moldavite, magical things start to happen, that was certainly the case for me all those years ago when I started up Spirit Walker. To visualizeyour dream place a piece on your third eye and meditate or take time to spend visualizing your own dreams. Wear some as often as you can or keep a piece in your pocket until your dreams manifest themselves.Each time you touch your moldavite, bring forth your vision, even if only for a few moments.


3rd July 2016

Enhance your Clairvoyance whilst staying protected

Just a small piece of Apophyllite can enhance your clairvoyance. Lie down and place a small piece on your brow chakra to enhance your clairvoyance skills. You could also just have it in your hands on your lap if you wanted to sit up in a chair. The Apophyllite will also protect you during meditation and working spiritually.

Apophyllite will also absorb any rogue energy and banish stray spirits from your home.


1st July 2016

Using Crystals to encourage your intuition and imagination.

If you are working in a job that requires you to use your imagination then this is the stone for you. Girasol Quartz is also a good choice for those studying the arts, working in design, writers, artists or those wanting to encourage their psychic ability as it allows your intuition to come forth.

Girasol quartz is clear quartz that has a cloudy or opalised sheen to it. It has the ability to draw in the light then amplify it before throwing it out in all directions. It is exceptional at clearing stagnant energies and removed all negativity from the area. Girasol Quartz is an excellent choice for artists or writers as it fires up the imagination and creativity. It is a very gentle but powerful healing crystal and works well on communication within the throat chakra. It is also thought to be good for the treatment of diabetes, chronic fatigue and for boosting the immune system.


30th June 2016 

Using Crystals to improve your confidence in the loyalty of those around you.

Toxic emotions are those that we can all get from time to time whereby we are afraid of betrayal by a partner or have feelings of self doubt. Keeping dolomite within your living or working space can diminish these emotions.

DOLOMITE: Dolomite promotes security within a relationship and banishes toxic emotions of betrayal and insecurity. It is a stone that can help with the skeletal system, relieve toothache, and help with the circulation through the heart making it a good choice for cramps. It is a stone thought to help asthma, lung infections, coughs and colds and is a good choice for the female reproductive issues such as infertility, pms and the menopause. It is also of use in dispersing kidney stones..


21st June 2016 

Increase your energy levels with a Pendulum and Energy Aura Spray

We talk a lot about using crystals to create a relaxing environment. However there are places and times when we want the environment to have a higher Yang energy than the relaxing and calming Yin energy. One such time and place may be mid afternoon at work when you are sat at your desk feeling more like having a snooze than working.

During such times as these, take out your pendulum and hold it at chest level and circulate the pendulum for 20 - 30 rotations. Compliment this with three bursts of Energising Mist Aura Spray and repeat as and when necessary.


18th June 2016 

Help Prevent Stagnant Energy in the Home with Wind Chimes

Agate brings about calm and wellbeing as well as being known to bring about good luck and financial wealth. It is a good choice of stone for I.B.S., stomach upsets and digestive issues. It is also thought to be good for stress and anxiety due to it's calming influence and helps with insomnia and prevention of nightmares. It is also good for depression and is thought to increase fertility

Placing a wind chime in a doorway can help prevent stagnant energy in the home as they are able to chime easier. Each time they chime they disperse concentrated chi or energy which leads to a more even and relaxed environment. The sound of the wind chimes sends ripples of energy which help to move and spread out the chi within the room. If you place your chimes in a position out of the wind, you need to ring them yourself frequently.


16th June 2016 

Wear or Carry Blue Topaz to overcome disappointment in others.

Blue Topaz is a stone to uplift your emotions. It directs energy to where it is needed and so aids self healing. It is a good stone for anorexia as it can stabilize metabolism. Improves eyesight and promotes confidence. This stone promotes truth and understanding as well as promoting forgiveness of others. Helps you to understand your problems and brings about inspiration to enable you to highlight and achieve your goals.

On occasions throughout our lives we find ourselves disappointed by the actions of others. Our first instinct may be to retaliate as we want justice for the injustice we feel we may have experienced. (This is a negative or a toxic emotion). Stop! Think! What lessons does the other person have to learn and what have you learnt from this experience. Blue Topaz will help you understand the reasons behind the other persons actions and promote forgiveness in them. (You will have then turned this around and will now be experiencing a positive emotion). Blue Topaz is the stone of Truth which brings about inspiration enabling you to move on in life and achieve the goals you set out to achieve. It allows you to rise above the issues and not allow yourself to be dragged down to the level of others.