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Polished Crystal Shapes

Polished Crystal Shapes

Explore the natural beauty of crystals when they have been carved and polished into various geometrical shapes such as spheres, eggs, pyramids hearts and obelisks. Each shape has it's own benefits and appeals.


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New Onyx Egg 70mm 'MELL'

Product no.: EG-ONX-MELL-ON002

£7.00 *
Stock level: 1

New Fire and Ice Quartz Point with Rainbows 'SHARON'

Product no.: NC-FAI_SHARON

£24.50 *

New Fire and Ice Quartz Point with Rainbows 'HOBBIT'

Product no.: NC-FAI_HOBBIT

£59.00 *
Stock level: 1

New Fire and Ice Quartz Crystal Point with Rainbows 'CLEMATIS'

Product no.: NC-FAI-CLEMATIS

£24.50 *

New Poppy Jasper Egg 50mm 'ARIALLA'

Product no.: EG-PPY-ARIALLA

£9.60 *
Stock level: 3

Tiger Eye Crystal Egg 55mm 'ORBISON'

Product no.: EG-TIE-ORBISON

£21.60 *
Stock level: 3

New Blue Calcite Sphere 50mm 'EBONI'

Product no.: SP-BLC-EBONI

£23.40 *
Stock level: 1

New Blue Calcite Crystal Ball Sphere 85mm 'GRAZING'

Product no.: SP-BLC-GRAZING

£96.12 *
Stock level: 1

New Polychrome Jasper Crystal Sphere 'AYLTH'

Product no.: SP-POL-AYLTH

£34.20 *
Stock level: 1

Clear Quartz Crystal Ball Sphere 80mm 'CHI'

Product no.: SP-CLQ-CHI

£162.00 *

New Blue Calcite Crystal Heart 'ROWANE'

Product no.: MH-BLC-ROWAN

£41.40 *

Polychrome Jasper Large Egg 'SIAN'

Product no.: EG-POL-SIAN

£38.95 *

New Fire and Ice Quartz Point 'PIEWACKETT'

Product no.: NC-FAI-PIEWACKETT__10-NC-S

£44.21 *
Stock level: 1

New Natural Citrine generator point 'Spirit'

Product no.: NC-CIT-SPIRIT

£18.00 *

New Celestite Crystal Heart 'Clouds'

Product no.: MH-CEL-CLOUDS

£79.20 *

New Clear Quartz Crystal Heart 40mm 'Anna'

Product no.: MH-CLQ-ANNA

£25.20 *

New Carnelian Crystal Ball Sphere 30mm 'GEORGI'

Product no.: SP-CAR-GEORGIE

£8.46 *
Stock level: 1

Amethyst Egg 50mm 'BRIDIE'

Product no.: EG-AMY-BRIDIE__06-EM39-L

£16.20 *

Amazonite Crystal Egg 50mm 'TIESHE'

Product no.: EG-AMZ-TIESHE__06-EM70-S

£13.50 *
Stock level: 4

Angelite Gemstone Crystal Egg 50mm 'SUSIE'

Product no.: EG-ANG-SUSIE__06-EM40-A

£16.20 *
Stock level: 4

Aventurine Gemstone Crystal Egg 50mm 'WOGAN'

Product no.: EG-AVT-WOGAN-EM43

£9.60 *
Stock level: 6

Carnelian Crystal Egg 65mm 'CHRIS'

Product no.: EG-CAR-CHRIS__38-NC-S

£28.80 *

Carnelian Crystal Egg 50mm 'FELICITY'

Product no.: EG-CAR-FELICITY__06-EM07-A

£13.50 *
Stock level: 3

Celestite Crystal Egg 100mm 'CARYS'

Product no.: EG-CEL-CARYS__38-UC-S

£140.40 *

Grade AA Celestite Crystal Egg 73mm 'DEW DROP'

Product no.: EG-CEL-DEWDROP__38-UC-EB

£59.40 *

Celestite Crystal Egg 95mm 'GABRIELLAR'

Product no.: EG-CEL-GABRIELLAR__38-NC-S

£122.40 *
Stock level: 1

Celestite Crystal Egg 85mm 'TRILBY'

Product no.: EG-CEL-TRILBY__38-UC-S

£64.80 *
Stock level: 1

New Clear Quartz Crystal Dragon Egg 'Acona'

Product no.: EG-CLQ-ANCONA

£3.76 *
Stock level: 24

Clear Quartz Crystal Egg 45mm 'ARLIE'

Product no.: EG-CLQ-ARLIE__06-EM28-S

£16.20 *
Stock level: 6

Clear Quartz Crystal Egg 62mm With Rainbows 'ZOE'

Product no.: EG-CLQ-ZOE__38-NC-S

£50.40 *

Dalmatian Jasper Crystal Egg 'THAMES'

Product no.: EG-DAJ-THAMES__06-EM51-S

£9.60 *
Stock level: 8

Dumortierite Crystal Egg 50mm 'TOMMY'

Product no.: EG-DUM-TOMMY__06-EM59-S

£9.60 *
Stock level: 2

Fluorite Gemstone Crystal Egg 50mm 'IDENTITY'

Product no.: EG-FLU-IDENTITY__06-EM11-A

£10.80 *

Girasol Quartz Egg 60mm 'BOBBLE'

Product no.: EG-GIQ-BOBBLE__38-UC-S

£39.60 *
Stock level: 1

Goldstone Egg 50mm 'BRITTLE

Product no.: EG-GST-BRITTLE__06-EM49-S

£10.80 *
Stock level: 5

Hematite Egg 50mm 'CLINCHY'

Product no.: EG-HEM-CLINCHY__06-EM13-A

£10.80 *
Stock level: 2
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1 - 36 of 200 results