Crystal Cathedrals & Geodes

Crystal Cathedrals & Geodes

We stock a variety of shapes and sizes in both Amethyst Cathedrals and Citrine Cathedrals. Cathedrals can make a great single feature for any room or spiritual space and will raise the energetic vibrations within its space. You can put other smaller crystals inside the cathedral to both cleanse and energise.

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New Amethyst Crystal Geode Cathedrals 510mm 'BETH'

Product no.: NC-AMY-BETH

£600.00 *
Stock level: 1

New Amethyst Crystal Geode Cathedral 190mm 'AIRFALLS'

Product no.: NC-AMY-AIRFALLS

£118.70 *
Stock level: 1

New Natural Amethyst Crystal Cathedral Geode 'ALPORT'

Product no.: NC-AMY-ALPORT

£125.50 *
Stock level: 1

New Large Citrine Cathedral 340mm 'ALLIE'

Product no.: NC-CIT-ALLIE

£450.00 *
Stock level: 1

Amethyst Cathedral Geode 280mm 'AMY'

Product no.: NC-AMY-AMY

£430.00 *
Stock level: 1

Amethyst Cathedral 625mm 'OLIN'

Product no.: NC-AMY-OLIN__38-UC-S

£720.00 *
Stock level: 1

Natural Amethyst Cathedral 450mm 'SAMANTHA'

Product no.: NC-AMY-SAMANTHA__25-NC-S

£860.00 *
Stock level: 1
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