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Specialist Quartz Formations

Specialist Quartz Formations

There are many specialist formations in Quartz Crystals such as record keepers, twin flames, soul mates, window formations, isis and manifestation quartz to name but a few. We are always on the look out for specialist formations and try to put them to one side in this section.

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New Natural Citrine Generator Point 'Sparrow'

Product no.: NC-CIT-SPARROW

£18.00 *

New Natural Citrine generator point 'Spirit'

Product no.: NC-CIT-SPIRIT

£18.00 *

New Natural Citrine and Smokey Quartz Crystal Point 'Arnold'

Product no.: NC-CIT-ARNOLD

£25.20 *

New Natural Citrine Crystal Generator Point 'Spuds'

Product no.: NC-CIT-SPUDS

£18.00 *

Small Phantom Quartz Point 35mm 'BARBICAN'

Product no.: NC-CLQ-BARBICAN__38-UC-A

£10.80 *
Stock level: 7

Dow Formation Point 'NAHOA'

Product no.: NC-CLQ-NAHOA__20-UC-A

£23.40 *
Stock level: 2
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