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Natural Crystals

Natural Crystals

There are many specialist formations in Quartz Crystals such as record keepers, twin flames, soul mates, window formations, isis and manifestation quartz to name but a few. We are always on the look out for specialist formations and try to put them to one side in this section.

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New Smokey Quartz rough natural specimen 'Armand'

Product no.: NC-SMQ-ARMAND

£5.40 *

New Aventurine Rough Natural Crystal Specimen 'KAMINI'

Product no.: NC-AVT-KAMINI

£5.40 *

New Super Seven - Melody's Stone Point 'PRINCE'

Product no.: NC-SUP-PRINCE

£10.80 *
Stock level: 3

New Natural Rose Quartz Crystal Specimen 'ROSIE BETH' (Approx 100 - 200g)

Product no.: NC-ROQ-2

£5.40 *
Stock level: 1

New Natural Rough Dumortierite Crystal Specimen 'CAPELLO'

Product no.: NC-DUM-CAPELLO

£5.40 *
Stock level: 2

New Labradorite Crystal Specimen 'OSMOND'

Product no.: NC-LAB-OSMOND

£66.60 *

New Natural Tiger Eye Crystal Specimen 'YELLOW RIVER'


£5.40 *

New Amethyst Natural Crystal Stand Alone Specimen 'HELENA'

Product no.: NC-AMY-HELENA

£134.00 *
Stock level: 1

New Natural Rough Orange Calcite Crystal Specimen 'GILES'

Product no.: NC-OCA-GILES

£5.40 *

New Natural Rough Lepidolite Crystal Specimen 'MICA'

Product no.: NC-LEP-MICA

£5.40 *
Stock level: 1

New Natural Red Jasper Crystal Specimen 'SHALLY'

Product no.: NC-REJ-SHALLY

£5.40 *

New Large Natural Emerald Specimen 'EMMIEL'

Product no.: NC-EME-EMMIEL

£4.50 *

New Labradorite Natural Polished Specimen 'TWIGHLIGHT


£66.60 *
Stock level: 1

New Labradorite Natural Half Polished Specimen 'NEW MOON'

Product no.: NC-LAB-NEWMOON

£138.60 *
Stock level: 1

New Labradorite Specimen 'KODY'

Product no.: NC-LAB-KODY

£97.20 *
Stock level: 1

New Natural Pyrite Cluster Specimen 'QUANTUM'

Product no.: NC-PYR-QUANTUM__10-UC-S

£32.40 *
Stock level: 1

New Labradorite Half Polished Rough Specimen 'PERCY'

Product no.: NC-LAB-PERCY

£70.20 *
Stock level: 1

New Crystal Lucky Dip Bags in Di Giuliaini Keepsake Pouch.


£2.52 *

New Clear Quartz Rough Natural Specimen 'Medlock'

Product no.: NC-CLQ-MEDLOCK

£6.30 *

New Natural Sunstone Specimen 'Sunshine'

Product no.: NC-SUN-SUNSHINE

£6.30 *

New Natural FUSCITE Crystal Specimen 'HUMPHREY'

Product no.: NC-FUS-HUMPHREY

£5.40 *

Yellow Apatite Natural Specimen 35mm 'MAGS'

Product no.: NC-YAP-MAGS__25-NC-A

£18.00 *

New Natural Rose Quartz Specimen 'TIZ' (approx 50 - 100g)

Product no.: NC-ROQ-1

£3.40 *
Stock level: 68

Natural Amazonite Specimen 30 - 50mm 'HORACE'

Product no.: NC-AMZ-HORACE__27-NC-S

£1.00 *
Stock level: 76

The Essential Home Mini Stabilizer Pack 'MINI HARMONY'

Product no.: NC-MIX-EHSPMINI__00-NC-A

£4.24 *
Stock level: 69

The Essential Home Stabilizer Pack 'HARMONY'

Product no.: NC-MIX-EHSP__00-A

£24.70 *
Stock level: 55

Ocean Jasper Natural Specimen 20mm 'MEDIUM'

Product no.: NC-OCJ-MEDIUM__38-NC-A

£1.08 *
Stock level: 49

Rainbow Calcite Rhombs Approx 40mm 'ICELANDIC SPAR


£2.05 *
Stock level: 49

Dumortierite Natural Specimen (Approx 35mm)

Product no.: NC-DUM-AXE__27-NC-A

£2.06 *
Stock level: 29

Rough Natural Fluorite Specimen 'WOS'

Product no.: NC-FLU-WOS__27-NC-S

£2.06 *
Stock level: 29

Natural Blue Apatite Specimen 20 - 40g 'BRIXHAM'

Product no.: NC-BAP-BRIXHAM2__27-UC-A

£3.42 *
Stock level: 28

Natural Rough Green Calcite Specimen 15g - 40g 'SHRIMPETS'

Product no.: NC-CAL-SHRIMPETS__25-NC-A

£1.80 *
Stock level: 22

Natural Pyrite Cluster Specimen Approx 50mm 'QUANT'

Product no.: NC-PYR-QUANT__46-UC-S

£2.05 *
Stock level: 21

Natural Mangano Calcite Specimen Approx 35 - 50mm 'IMI'

Product no.: NC-MAC-IMI__27-NC-A

£2.16 *
Stock level: 23

Natural Mookite Specimen 35 - 40mm 'TOFFEE'

Product no.: NC-MOO-TOFFEE__27-NC-L

£2.06 *
Stock level: 19
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1 - 36 of 99 results