Children's Crystals

Children's Crystals

Children are our future and have a natural love of crystals. We have put together a section which we feel would make good crystals for children. We see more and more children visiting our shop, brining their parents with them to have a look around, get a feel for the crystals and start their learning crystal journey. Although our whole store is relavent to children we felt that we should create a small section of children's crystals especially for little hands.

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Crystal Lucky Dip Bags in Satin Keepsake Pouch.


£5.06 *
Stock level: 11

Gem Bag - Approx 20 - 22 Tumbles


£4.99 *
Stock level: 88

The Amazing Crystal Garden Pack ~Grow your own Crystals Today!

Product no.: NC-GROWYOUROWN__46-PK04-A

£5.42 *
Stock level: 2

Dig Your Own Fossils Pack (Large) - Children's Crystals

Product no.: NC-DIGYOUROWN__46-PK248-A

£11.30 *
Stock level: 2

Childrens Crystal Gift Set ~ 12 Crystal Healing Stones

Product no.: CS-CHI__00-NC-A

£20.99 *
Stock level: 3

Dig Your Own Fossils Pack (Small) - Children's Crystals

Product no.: NC-DIGYOUROWN__46-PK248-A[1]

£7.46 *
Stock level: 1
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