Chakra Crystals

Chakra Crystals

Chakra comes from the Sanskrit word meaning to spin which is what our chakras have to do to keep the energy flowing throughout our body. There are seven major chakras which are each associated with different parts of the body. When these chakras become blocked, the energy cannot get through and in turn can lead to an imbalance in the energies leading to a physical illness. Keep your chakras in balance with our lovely range of chakra healing crystals and chakra sets. Simply lay them on the relevant chakras for 20 mins when required. 

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New Ten Medium Chakra Discs


£32.50 *
Stock level: 4

Chakra Balancing Set inside a Keepsake Pouch

Product no.: CK-CHBS-SWC

£7.99 *
Stock level: 3

Crystal Chakra Balancing set in drawstring bag 'WASH BAG'

Product no.: CK-CHBS-WASHBAG__27-UC-A

£7.20 *
Stock level: 1

Pentacle Pendulum and Seven Interchangable Chakra Cones-PATRICIA

Product no.: DP-CHK-PATRICIA

£22.46 *
Stock level: 2
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