Hints, Tips & Crystal Resources

Hints, Tips & Crystal Resources

1. Crystal Layout to Relieve the Effects of Chemotherapy

Three Crystal Layouts to try and ease the effects of Chemotherapy for those going through Cancer Treatments. 

2. How to increase your psychic abilities with crystals

Crystals can be used to help develop your psychic ability and to raise your intuitive psychic awareness.

3. Choosing A Crystal - What does it say about you

Crystals say a lot about who we are. Choose your crystal and see what it says about you.

4. Top Crystals to Take To An Interview.

Crystals that can help when you are going for an interview to calm nerves and allow for free speech.

5. What is an energy cord and how can we cut them

What is an energy cord and what crystals can we use to cut the cords that no longer serve us

6. Crystal Layout for Pain Following Hip Replacement

Case Study for a Crystal Layout for pain over hip area following hip replacement and emotional upset. 

7. Top Crystals to Get You Through Your Driving Test

Crystals that can help when you are going for a Driving Test to calm nerves and allow for a positive outcome.

8. How to prepare for an exam and combat the exam nerves

Crystals that can help when you are going for a Exam to calm nerves and allow for a positive outcome.

Crystal Tips of the Day


27th July 2016*

Using Crystals in your Garden

Place six tree agate around your garden or allotment to encourage growth. Dot natural chunks of Rose Quartz around so that your garden feels loved. Use Black tourmaline to protect new plants and promote new growth. Use Ocean Jasper to keep them nourished. Use cats eye to keep the cats off your flower beds. Use Aventurine when you have a plant that needs nurturing back to health. Use Moonstone so that your plants can absorb extra energy from the moon over night. Aquamarine can also be put in the water of cut flowers to keep them nourished and last longer. Tumblestone can also be placed around the base of indoor pot plants. By burying them in the soil it not only cleans your stones energetically but also infuses your plants with the stones energy.


25th July 2016*

Ways in which to Keep your crystals clean

There are many ways of cleansing crystals, but this is a question that we are frequently asked and so we decided to run this again.

Water: Run your crystals under running water and visualize any built up negative energy washing away down the sink. Ensure you visualize it turning back into positive as it hits the earth. (Please be mindful that some crystals are water soluble)

Sound: Using Tingsha bells or singing bowls over your crystals

Smoke: Pass your crystals through incense or white sage

Earth: Bury them in mother earth, but use a pot or a marker to remember where they are.

Sea: If you are lucky enough to live close to the ocean, you can wash them in the sea

Sparkle Drops: Use a crystal solution such as sparkle drops

Visualization: Use visualization such as a meditation

Breath: Use the breath - and blow positive energy into them

Other Crystals: Keep an apophyllite amidst your crysals to help keep them free of negative energies


25th July 2016*

Using Crystals to help you sleep

If you find that you are not sleeping, try putting four agate tumblestones ~ one at each corner of the room with a single terminated point facing inwards towards the room in front of each tumblestone. Place a small agate slice or agate cut base geode at the side of your bed or elsewhere in your room facing towards you. If you are not sleeping due to the menopause, try putting a fire agate under your pillow or a set of our Menopause Crystals.

Agate is thought to bring about calm and wellbeing as well as being felt to bring about good luck and financial wealth. It is a stone that is thought to be good for stress and anxiety due to its calming influence and can help relax you before going to bed at night and is thus thought to help you establish a good sleeping pattern. It is felt to be a good general overall crystal for use in crystal therapy and would be useful when placed on the sacral chakra where the reproductive system is situated.


24th July 2016

Crystal Layout to lift depression and release anxiety

Coping with depression, stress and anxiety can be very debilitating. This layout will help to lift the depression and relieve the stress and anxiety that can go along side it.

To create a layout place one turquoise howlite heart on the throat chakra with the point facing upwards towards the head. Place a Lapis Lazuli heart on the brow chakra with the point facing downwards. Set your intent that they will both release issues with the throat and brow area and as they meet in the middle, the negative energy will meet and erupt upwards out of the body like a geezer. Just above the head place a tiger eye heart at the level of the soma chakra and an opalite heart at the level of the crown chakra. Around the top of the head place single terminated points in a fan shape with small amethyst points placed in between them. Above the opalite heart place a super seven and two black kyanite either side of that. Place a further two black kyanite on the outer edge of the pillow and a piece of stillbite under the pillow to allow the client to relax well during the session. You can replace the hearts with tumblestones. Leave in position for 15 - 20 minutes and repeat as necessary.


23rd July 2016

Crystal Layout to Remove Grief but Keep the Happy Memories

When we lose someone we love to the spirit world or for other reasons such as divorce, the grief can be devastating and can remain with us for many years. Eventually it will be time to let go and allow the grief to disperse. However there will be happy memories too which you will want to hold onto.

To create a layout to do both these things place an Apache tear about the level of the higher heart chakra. Below this place a rose quartz puff hear or a large tumblestone if you don't have a heart shaped crystal. leading from the bottom of the rose quartz puff heart place three Danburite placed in a fan shape. Beneath the middle Danburite place a further Danburite placed horizontal to the body. Finally and about level with the heart chakra place a good sized piece of fuschite to keep the magic of life alive. Lie within this layout for 15 to 20 minutes. During the day wear a Kunzite bracelet alongside a black obsidian or black onyx bracelet.


22nd July 2016

Using crystals to make new friendships

Blue or Turquosie Howlite is known as the stone of friendship. Give Turquoise or Blue Howlite to friends to keep your relationship harmonious. Carry Blue Howlite with you if you want to attract new friendships.

BLUE HOWLITE: Blue Howlite is an excellent stone for meditation as it is particularly calming. It is thought to be good for insomnia, pregnancy, absorbing anger, stress, anxiety and nervous tension. It is sometimes referred to as the stone of friendship as it is thought to both attract new friends and keep established friendships in harmony. A good choice for dental care, oral hygiene and calcium absorption.


20th July 2016

Using Crystals to Communicate with our loved ones in spirit

When we lose family and friends to the spirit world, it can leave a big gaping hole. It's the little things we frequently miss, like coming home and talking to them when you have had a bad day, or picking up the telephone to give them your exciting news.

Apophyllite is often called 'One of the Stones of Heaven' due to its ability to awaken your psychic abilities and thus aid you in communicating with your loved ones. Simply hold or place a small piece of apophyliite at the level of the heart chakra, close your eyes and imagine, feel or sense that you are sat opposite the person you want to communicate with and just talk to them.


15th July 2016

Use Crystals when you need to regain your sparkle

Place Fuschite in your home or workspace when you want to bring the sparkle back into your life.

FUSCHITE: Fuschite stimulates the healing energies of other crystals and so is very useful healing layouts. It is a stone that brings out the inner child. It is often called the fairy crystals as it scatters green shimmers and flecks of gold around if rubbed. It is frequently called the wish crystal and promotes laughter in children and adults alike. Fuschite is useful for treating the spleen, adrenal glands and blood circulation and can help to treat carpal tunnel syndrome. It can assist in aligning the spine and increase the flexibility of muscles. It is said to enhance romance, marriage, integrity, devotion and passion. It helps in all things related to Love. It also stimulates the mind and emotions. It can help you "bounce back" after particularly tense or stressful physical or emotional situations.


14th July 2016

How crystals can help you achieve the impossible

When things seem like they are just impossible to achieve, you need to Act as If and Believe 110%. Carry this lovely new Crystal which was named Bumble Bee Jasper due to its colouring to help you achieve what others believe cannot be done.

Bumble Bee Jasper: This is an excellent stone for allergies. It is an excellent healing stone which promotes total honesty with yourself and others. It allows you to triumph over the impossible just as the bee is able to fly and yet is not aerodynamically designed to do so. It is a stone that is good for pollinating new projects and is a supremely nurturing stone. It is a good choice for children as it encourages us to be social with others and allows us to make new friends easily.


13th July 2016

How to set about creating the right layout for you?

You first need to think about what it is you want to achieve. For this example I have chosen to build up business and be even more successful in all that you do..

Chose your items items to be included and set your intent as to what they will do:

  • A salt lamp to create a harmonious business and as you light the lamp each morning set your intent that is will shine a beacon for your continued success.
  • A business success set of crystals - which we have used since we first started up in business in 2005 - it can do the same for you if you allow it too
  • Three Natural Rose Quartz Chunks to promote unconditional love to your customers, three being the number of manifestation
  • Three Natural Citrine Points placed between the Natural Rose Quartz to bring finance into your business.
  • Points face inwards towards our business success crystals to encourage financial growth, the way it is placed between the Rose Quartz ensures that the growth is not done at the expense of customer care.
  • Seven Citrine Tumble Stones placed either side of each point and one extra to make the seven which is a spiritual number as we wanted to be successful but remain spiritual.
  • One large Merlinite tumblestone placed in front of the light and above the business success crystals to create magical feel about your business.
  • One smoke box to burn incense into which you can place another three citrine tumblestones.
  • Turn on the light every morning and light up an incense stick to cleanse your space and send out a smoke signal to potential customers. Cirlce the incense around the ring of crystals and wave it upwards to encourage upward growth. On this table you can also placed your business cards and promotional leaflets to set your intent on what you are ordering.


11th July 2016

Using Crystal Skulls in Layouts and Opening up your Crown Chakra?

Layouts do not need to complicated and the important thing is to set your intent as you lay your crystals down. A blocked crown chakra can inhibit your ability to connect with spirit, cause confusion, include poor thinking ability, lack of self belief and can lead to poor memory.

To open up your crown chakra use a clear quartz skull at the level just above the crown chakra, three double terminated lemurian quartz points with the central one facing downwards and the other two placed at right angles, also facing downwards. Place one large merlinite tumblestone under the central lemurian point and in line with the skull. The energy flows down through the crown of the skull, circulates inside then beams outwards through the eye sockets into the lemurian points which then rotates the energy at a speed that is just right for the client. The merlinite helps to capture the magic allowing the client to believe in themselves again. Using skulls in layouts amplifies the healing energy within that layout and broadens the area the crystals can cover.


9th July 2016

Using Crystals to stop yo-yo dieting?

Balance and regulate your metabolism with Labradorite / Labradolite. (Using 7 Labradorite Tumbles) Lie down and place one Labradorite tumblestone just above your head, one just below your diaphragm and five in a circle over your lower abdomen. Visualise energy coming in through your crown chakra and into the first stone above your head. See the light moving downwards towards the stone just beneath your diaphragm and then moving onto the ones in a circle on your lower abdomen. Visualise the energy moving clockwise around your abdomen in perfect harmony with your physical body. Relax and remain in situ for 15 - 20 mins. Repeat daily if necessary and as your body adjusts repeat weekly or monthly to maintain the correct balance for you.

LABRADORITE: Labradolite is considered to be the stone of transformation. It is good for protecting the aura & spiritual growth as it strengthens the spiritual connection and psychic awareness encouraging you to connect with your intuition. It is good for P.M.T., gall bladder problems, pre-eclampsia, stress, vertigo, hypertension and gout. It is also said to be helpful for eye issues, rheumatism and is good for regulating metabolism.


8th July 2016

Using crystals to bring good luck and promote harmony

Using crystals to bring good luck and harmony Agate are a fabulous stone that attracts good luck and promotes harmony within the environment in which it resides. Keep a small cut base agate geode on your desk at work to make your work space harmonious to work in.

Agate is also good for developing your intuition and mediumistic abilities as well as protecting you from those harmful rays that come off your computers and mobile phones.


7th July 2016

Using crystals to release emotional hurt

When we have been hurt emotionally we often collect the negative feelings within the heart chakra. Using a combination of stones and crystals can begin the healing process that can take a little bit of time to resolve. . Place one unakite tumblestone at the level of the physical heart. Place two clear quartz points at right angles underneath the unakite and an infinite stone at the base between the clear quartz points. Leave in position for approx 15 to 20 mins. To continue the healing process wear or keep Unakite within your living or working space


6th July 2016

Using crystals to strengthen your aura against psychic attack

Carry or wear Tourmaline Quartz to strengthen your aura against psychic attack. Psychic attack can happen when you least expect it and can be as simple as someone thinking malicious thoughts about you. Signs of psychic attack include a feeling of being watched, being drained, feeling down for no apparent reason.

TOURMALINE QUARTZ: Tourmaline Quartz protects during astral travel and also attracts good luck. It is thought to be good for dyslexia, anxiety, arthritis, fear and is a great confidence booster. Tourmaline Quartz changes negative energy into positive and strengthens the aura against psychic attack. It is a very good grounding stone and promotes a feeling of self belief and helps alleviate the need to self harm.


5th July 2016

Using crystals to relieve stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety can be very debilitating and we can often feel that nobody else understands how we feel and so we cam become irritable and are often misunderstood. To relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety hold a Lapis Lazuli Sphere or egg during stressful times allowing all your worries to enter the stone you are holding. Another way would be to lie or sit in a quite space and surround yourself with 7 Lapis Lazuli Stones and 7 Clear Quartz points on the floor. Have the Lapis Lazuli Stones furthest away from you and the clear quartz points on the inside with the pointy end facing away from you and towards the Lapis Lazuli Stone. This directs the stress and anxiety away from you and into the stones. Be sure to cleanse the stones after your session.


4th July 2016

That special crystal to make the magic happen.

They say that when you start wearing or using Moldavite, magical things start to happen, that was certainly the case for me all those years ago when I started up Spirit Walker. To visualizeyour dream place a piece on your third eye and meditate or take time to spend visualizing your own dreams. Wear some as often as you can or keep a piece in your pocket until your dreams manifest themselves.Each time you touch your moldavite, bring forth your vision, even if only for a few moments.


3rd July 2016

Enhance your Clairvoyance whilst staying protected

Just a small piece of Apophyllite can enhance your clairvoyance. Lie down and place a small piece on your brow chakra to enhance your clairvoyance skills. You could also just have it in your hands on your lap if you wanted to sit up in a chair. The Apophyllite will also protect you during meditation and working spiritually.

Apophyllite will also absorb any rogue energy and banish stray spirits from your home.


1st July 2016

Using Crystals to encourage your intuition and imagination.

If you are working in a job that requires you to use your imagination then this is the stone for you. Girasol Quartz is also a good choice for those studying the arts, working in design, writers, artists or those wanting to encourage their psychic ability as it allows your intuition to come forth.

Girasol quartz is clear quartz that has a cloudy or opalised sheen to it. It has the ability to draw in the light then amplify it before throwing it out in all directions. It is exceptional at clearing stagnant energies and removed all negativity from the area. Girasol Quartz is an excellent choice for artists or writers as it fires up the imagination and creativity. It is a very gentle but powerful healing crystal and works well on communication within the throat chakra. It is also thought to be good for the treatment of diabetes, chronic fatigue and for boosting the immune system.


30th June 2016 

Using Crystals to improve your confidence in the loyalty of those around you.

Toxic emotions are those that we can all get from time to time whereby we are afraid of betrayal by a partner or have feelings of self doubt. Keeping dolomite within your living or working space can diminish these emotions.

DOLOMITE: Dolomite promotes security within a relationship and banishes toxic emotions of betrayal and insecurity. It is a stone that can help with the skeletal system, relieve toothache, and help with the circulation through the heart making it a good choice for cramps. It is a stone thought to help asthma, lung infections, coughs and colds and is a good choice for the female reproductive issues such as infertility, pms and the menopause. It is also of use in dispersing kidney stones..


21st June 2016 

Increase your energy levels with a Pendulum and Energy Aura Spray

We talk a lot about using crystals to create a relaxing environment. However there are places and times when we want the environment to have a higher Yang energy than the relaxing and calming Yin energy. One such time and place may be mid afternoon at work when you are sat at your desk feeling more like having a snooze than working.

During such times as these, take out your pendulum and hold it at chest level and circulate the pendulum for 20 - 30 rotations. Compliment this with three bursts of Energising Mist Aura Spray and repeat as and when necessary.


18th June 2016 

Help Prevent Stagnant Energy in the Home with Wind Chimes

Agate brings about calm and wellbeing as well as being known to bring about good luck and financial wealth. It is a good choice of stone for I.B.S., stomach upsets and digestive issues. It is also thought to be good for stress and anxiety due to it's calming influence and helps with insomnia and prevention of nightmares. It is also good for depression and is thought to increase fertility

Placing a wind chime in a doorway can help prevent stagnant energy in the home as they are able to chime easier. Each time they chime they disperse concentrated chi or energy which leads to a more even and relaxed environment. The sound of the wind chimes sends ripples of energy which help to move and spread out the chi within the room. If you place your chimes in a position out of the wind, you need to ring them yourself frequently.


16th June 2016 

Wear or Carry Blue Topaz to overcome disappointment in others.

Blue Topaz is a stone to uplift your emotions. It directs energy to where it is needed and so aids self healing. It is a good stone for anorexia as it can stabilize metabolism. Improves eyesight and promotes confidence. This stone promotes truth and understanding as well as promoting forgiveness of others. Helps you to understand your problems and brings about inspiration to enable you to highlight and achieve your goals.

On occasions throughout our lives we find ourselves disappointed by the actions of others. Our first instinct may be to retaliate as we want justice for the injustice we feel we may have experienced. (This is a negative or a toxic emotion). Stop! Think! What lessons does the other person have to learn and what have you learnt from this experience. Blue Topaz will help you understand the reasons behind the other persons actions and promote forgiveness in them. (You will have then turned this around and will now be experiencing a positive emotion). Blue Topaz is the stone of Truth which brings about inspiration enabling you to move on in life and achieve the goals you set out to achieve. It allows you to rise above the issues and not allow yourself to be dragged down to the level of others.


15th June 2016 

Wear or Carry Blue Apatite to raise metabolism and suppress hunger.

Apatite is the stone of inspiration & manifestation. It helps to develop psychic abilities & deepens meditation. It is a good choice of stone for motivation, raising energy levels, arthritis & helps calcium absorption. It also helps to suppress hunger & raises metabolism so is thought to aid weight loss. Blue Apatite encourages a strong spiritual awareness and facilitates communication on all levels.

Wear or carry Apatite to curb any thoughts of over indulgence. Apatite will suppress your desire to eat and raise your metabolism so that if you do over eat that little bit, your body will process it quicker and more effectively.


14th June 2016 

Keep Red Jasper Close to you to de-cutter your mind

Red Jasper is the supreme nurturer and encourages spiritual development at a gentle rate. It is also a good grounding stone and can alleviate stress when placed inside your pillow case at night. It is said to be good for bronchitis, cystitis, stomach upsets and gall stones. Red Jasper helps you to de-clutter your mind and your life allowing you to become more organised in your thoughts and daily life.

Carry or wear Red Jasper when you need to de-clutter your mind to enable you to complete all your ToDo jobs and sit down in the evening thinking Job Well Done! If it's your life that needs de-cluttering or your home, put some in your relationship corner of your home (The far right when standing with your back to the door). If you have just too many jobs to do and you see your ToDo list getting longer instead of shorter, put some on your desk to de-clutter your mind and thus allow you to finish your tasks in an organised fashion and thus taking away the stress and anxiety of trying to fit too many jobs into too few hours.


13th June 2016 

Carry Unakite to Reduce your Anger Outbursts

Unakite is a green and pink healing stone which is said to assist with psychic development. It is good for insomnia, pregnancy, absorbing anger, stress, anxiety and nervous tension. It is also thought to stimulate weight gain so would be useful for anorexia. Meditating with Unakite is useful for past life recall and for calming the mind. It is said to be good for absorbing electromagnetic smog from electrical equipment.

Carry Unakite with you when you feel you may be at risk of having an anger outburst. Allow Unakite to absorb the anger you would normally unleash on others.


11th June 2016 

Crystal Grid for Lymphoedema / Post Cancer Treatment 

We were asked yesterday to do a crystal layout for lymphoedema. Lymphoedema can be caused due to trauma, injury, infection or cancer which affects the lymphatic stystem. It can also be a side effect of cancer treatments or if the lymph nodes have been removed. Lymphoedema causes swelling which then leads to pins and needles in that area and pain. This can lead onto cellulitis which is an infection, leading to a high temperature, antibiotics and bed rest. The crystals used were 7 Carnelian to help remove pins and needles 4 Rose Quartz to reduce swelling or the oedema 4 Clear Quartz Points to direct the swelling away from the body 4 Smokey Quartz Points to remove pain 3 Blue Apatite to help with any cellulitis 4 Blue Lace Agate to reduce any temperature and calm the oedema 1 Clear Quartz Skull to amplify the energy healing


9th June 2016 

Attract Love and Romance with some Garnet

Garnet is an excellent grounding stone. It is also good for thyroid, poor circulation, infertility, lactose intolerance, depression and IBS. It is said to boost energy levels and is a good stone for manifestation and cosmic ordering. It is also the stone of love and romance.Garnet is an excellent grounding stone. It is also good for thyroid, poor circulation, infertility, lactose intolerance, depression and IBS. It is said to boost energy levels and is a good stone for manifestation and cosmic ordering. It is also the stone of love and romance.

Keep some Garnet under your pillow to spice up your love life. Wear it to attract love and romance in your direction. Combine it with Rhodochrosite if you are looking to find your soul mate. If you want to be showered with romantic gifts keep a Garnet Tree and shake it on a daily basis.


7th June 2016 

Make Wishes come true with Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone is said to have the power to grant your wishes so is an excellent stone for manifestation. It enhances psychic ability and intuition and brings harmony to the wearer. It is a very calming stone so is good for anyone who is a little stressed. This stone is also known for its ability to enhance fertility and balance hormones so makes it a good choice for P.M.T. It is also helpful for insomnia and childbirth.

'I Wish' .... At a guess, I would say that most of us say that quite a lot ..... I wish there was more hours in the day..... I wish I had done my Holiday Shopping earlier.... I wish I didn't feel so stressed.... I wish I could play the .... I wish I knew more about crystals... I wish I could afford...... the list could go on. All those are without the big wishes that we aspire to have come true. Carry or wear some Rainbow Moonstone with you to help you make your wishes a reality.


6th June 2016 

Using New Jade to Bring Good Luck

New Jade is well known for its pale green colour and is thought to be a very lucky stone. It not only attracts good luck but also financial wealth. It is said to be good for childbirth, kidney infections, fertility, hip pain, colic and regulates the physical heart. It is a good choice to bring harmony back to dysfunctional relationships. It is a good stone to have following an operation as it is thought to aid the healing process where stitches have been placed in the skin.

If you give new jade to a friend or family member, you not only attract good luck towards them, but also towards yourself, or simply buy some for yourself to aid your own good luck. Keep about 10 to 20 tumblestones with one chunk of citrine in a dish within the money corner of your room to promote good luck. To bring good luck into the home, place the same crystals within the relationship corner of your room. (If you stand with your back to the door, the far left corner is your money corner and the far right is your relationship corner).


3rd June 2016 

Why have Smokey Quartz close by when sat at a computer

Smokey Quartz is a brownish tinged healing crystal and is a fantastic grounding stone. It is also good for relieving stress, lifting depression, reducing nightmares, preventing headaches, enhancing fertility and absorbs pain. Smokey Quartz is said to dissolve muscle cramps and strengthen the back muscles. It is a very positive stone and will promote optimism when worn or placed in an environment in which you live or work.

If you work at a computer or know someone that works at a computer then Smokey Quartz is the stone for them. The electromagnetic smog that comes off computers can be harmful to us and make us feel drained, tired and lethargic. Keep some smokey quartz close to your computer to protect yourself from these harmful rays. At the same time, it will lift your mood, relieve stress and anxiety allowing you to do your job that much better. It will also strengthen your back muscles which can become weak from sitting in in correct chairs for long periods of time. Release your talents while you work!


1st June 2016 

Using Orange Calcite to help Improve Memory

Calcite is a good stone for meditation. It is said to be helpful for the treatment of stress and anxiety, I.B.S., eczema and warts. It also improves memory and concentration. Calcite is thought to increase your intuition and encourages astral travel during meditation. Calcite encourages growth in small children and is also recommended for hyperactivity (A.D.H.D.). Orange calcite is a good choice for any kind of emotional or bowel issues and works well on the sacral chakra.

If you are having trouble remembering where you put things, or remembering what you went upstairs for, if you are struggling a bit or could do with a bit of a memory boost, carry or wear some orange calcite. It also calms the stomach which is our emotional center and thus helps us concentrate more. Things generally calm down and we remember easier when we are calm and anxiety free, orange calcite does all this and more.


31st May 2016 

Using Starstone to help you reach for the stars

Starstone promotes optimism and personal growth and is sometimes thought of as The Stone of Ambition. It teaches us to believe in our dreams and to reach for the stars. Starstone opens us up to new opportunities making it good for anyone in business. It is a stone recommended for communication, drive and ambition. It is said to be good for the eyes, increasing energy level and for clearing the throat chakra. It is a good stone for stress and anxiety, reducing levels quickly and effectively.

Carry or wear Starstone when you want to achieve your dreams no matter how large or out of reach you may think they are at this time. Starstone helps the universe open up new avenues of opportunity to help you make your thoughts a reality. Remember our thoughts of today create the future of tomorrow.


29th May 2016 

Using Aventurine to connect into your own intuition

Aventurine is a warm green gentle healing crystal that stimulates psychic perception. It is recommended for hypotension, allergies, eczema, sinusitis, stammers, nausea, headaches and fevers. Aventurine is very calming and is like a comfort blanket when you need to feel secure and loved. It is positively a stone of financial wealth and also absorbs electromagnetic smog from mobile phones.

Have you ever wished you had listened to your inner voice, perception, intuition, call it what you wish. It is the little part of us that just knows when something is not right. However we go ahead and do it anyway and then end up virtually kicking ourselves for not listening when things go just as we expected, but not as we wanted. Aventurine will help you to listen to your intuition, your inner wisdom, your psychic perception. It is a great stone for those wishing to develop their psychic abilities as it does it gently, kind of nurturing you into what you know is within you. We all have the ability to be psychic or highly intuitive, we just need to believe in ourselves. Carry, wear or have Aventurine around you when you want to stimulate or improve your intuition.


28th May 2016 

Using Mookite to overcome worry

Mookite is the stone of the here and now. It can help you accept change as it occurs. Mookite protects and guards your emotions so is good for anyone who has been emotionally hurt. It stabilizes health and boosts the immune system. Mookite is a good stone for depression, building your self esteem as well as removing fear of the future. It provides a positive outlook promoting optimism at its highest level.

Wear or carry Mookite if you are a natural worrier, it will encourage you to accept what you cannot change and work on what you can. Worry is a negative energy as nothing can be achieved by doing it, therefore it is better to either be pro-active in changing what you do not like looking at or change the way in which you look at things. Wearing a chipped bracelet in Mookite is a simple way of absorbing this lovely energy or carry a thumbstone in your pocket and play with it when you feel those nagging thoughts creeping into your mind.


27th May 2016 

Using White Howlite to help improve your sleep patterns

White Howlite is a good choice for meditation. It is also good for infant colic, alleviating insomnia, promoting a healthy pregnancy, absorbing anger, relieving stress, anxiety and nervous tension. White Howlite teaches us to be patient and is also thought to be useful for stimulating memory. It is said to help one achieve one's goals promoting optimism for the future and helps you to develop a positive attitude to life.

When you have nights where you just wake up, become restless and just cannot go back to sleep, hold a small piece of White Howlite in both hands and feel the relaxing energy moving slowly up both arms and spreading throughout your whole body, nurturing you back into a restful sleep. If you regularly suffer from insomnia, keep some White Howlite close to the bedside or place a few small tumblestones under your pillow.


26th May 2016 

Using a Crystal Obelisk to Align Your Energy with your True Spiritual Purpose

A crystal obelisk is a tall, narrow, four-sided, tapering monument which ends in a pyramidal top. Ancient obelisks were made of a single piece of stone. Crystal obelisks are thought to bring enlightenment and calm to the owner and the environment in which it resides. Keeping a crystal Obelisk by your bedside or on your work desk can help balance the body's natural energy and align you with your spiritual purpose.


25th May 2016 

Using Apache Tears to Cope with Grief

Apache Tear is a form of Black Obsidian, but is much gentler as it brings up negativity at a much slower rate, enabling it to be transmuted and released. It is a highly protective stone and is known to strengthen the aura. It is a good stone for grief and promotes forgiveness. It is also thought to relieve leg cramps. It is a useful stone for emotional loss and is recommended for any kind of bereavement.

At some point in our lives, we all meet up with and have to face grief. This can be due to the loss of a loved one, loss of a job or loss of a pet. Apache tear is a great stone for helping us through these troublesome times. For females, place one small apache tear in each of your bra cups, for the men, carry one in each of your back trouser pockets.


24th May 2016 

Using Clear Quartz to Clear your Head

Clear quartz is known as the Master Healer and can really be used for any condition. It is a good crystal for meditation and strengthening spiritual connection. It is especially good for avoiding colds and flu during those winter months. It is also thought to be good for Lupus disease, M.E., Concentration and decision making so would make a great study aid. Clear Quartz is an energy amplifier and raises your spiritual connection and attunes you to your spiritual purpose.

Hold a piece of clear quartz for 5 to 10 minutes in your hand when you need to clear your head and think clearly. For exams and study time, place something of clear quartz on your desk so that the energies release themselves into your aura.


23rd May 2016 

Using Dalmatian Jasper to Smooth out wrinkles

Dalmatian Jasper encourages loyalty and so is beneficial for long term relationships. It aids in psychic development and is a supreme nurturer. It is good for depression, I.BS.., thrush, cystitis, stomach issues, constipation and gall bladder problems. It is a stone thought to produce tissue regeneration and so would be a good choice for anti aging. Dalmatian Jasper also provides a calming effect on animals.

Take one small tumblestone in Dalmatian Jasper and using upward strokes smooth away those early signs of ageing that none of us like to admit to.


22nd May 2016 

Using Rose Quartz to Improve Breathing and Lung Function

Rose Quartz is a beautiful pink healing stone and is known as the stone of unconditional love. It both attracts love to those who carry or wear it and teaches self love. It is said to be good for asthma, infertility, reducing swelling, hypertension, bruises and sciatica. Rose Quartz calms and heals the mind, allowing you to let go of worry and fear. It is good for healing old emotional wounds and prepares you for future love.

Do you suffer with Asthma or simply get out of breath walking up a hill or upstairs? If so then carry or wear some Rose Quartz which will improve your lung capacity. You could also place three Rose Quartz Tumblestones under your pillow at night to east night time breathing.


21th May 2016 

Using Amazonite to dispel negative energies from Phones and Computer Equipment

Amazonite is a pale green stone with white veins and is known to dispel negative energies. It is thought to be good for calcium deficiency, pregnancy, eczema, infant colic, muscle cramps and makes an excellent worry stone. It opens both the heart and throat chakra's to enhance communication on all levels. Amazonite also relieves muscle spasms so would be recommended for upset stomachs. Amazonite is also known for protecting against the negative emissions that are released from Mobile Phones. We use Mobiles more and more these days, but they emit electromagnetic smog or radiation. It is yet to be proved if these emissions are actually harmful, but for those of you, especially children who use mobiles quite a lot, it would be a good idea to remain protected when using them for long periods of time. Amazonite also calms the brain and nervous system so is a good choice for those of us who are always on the go.

Either attach a mobile phone charm to your devise or tape an amazonite tumble stone to the least conspicuous place on your phone. Amazonite will work hard for you and absorb and neutralize some of the radiation that your mobile emits when held to your ear.


19th May 2016 

Using Crystals in Gem Waters and Elixirs 

Crystals can be used in so many ways. We create crystal waters and gem elixirs from our crystals, blend them with spring water and add essential oils to create a wonderful fragrance. You would normally get about 100 sprays from a 60ml bottle and so should last you quite a while. Below we have given you some tips on how you can use them.

We can all pick up negative energies within our aura simply be someone being spiteful or nasty to us. Someone sending jealous thoughts may leave residual negative energy which can lead to deeper issues if not dealt with. Most of us can shrug off this sort of energy, but from time to time we take it on board and keep it with us. Aura sprays help to keep our energetic body clean and free from this sort of unwanted energy and thus allow our bodies to function at their optimum pace.

Crystal Cleansing Mist: Spray into each room including the corners to rid your home of negative energy; spray about 2 foot above your client following a healing session, allow the mist to gently fall into the aura, cleansing and grounding them at the same time.

Angelic Love Mist: Just spray 6 - 8 mists into the room or therapy space to evoke your angels or attract love into your life.

Crystal Calming Mist: Spray into the air in front of you, then walk through the mist before going anywhere where you know you may become stressed.

Crystal House Blessings Mist: Spray into the air close to the front and back door to balance the energies as you and your guests enter and leave your home

Chakra Balancing Mist: Spray once into the air in front of you and walk through it every morning to balance your chakras quickly each and every day.

Reiki Healing Mist: Spray into the air above someone who is in need of healing. Alternatively, spray onto a cushion or a bear and give the person who is unwell the item to hold.

Energizing Mist: Spray into the air and walk through the mist to re-energize your system quickly. Works well if you have been zapped by someone unknowingly draining your energy when you were in their company.

Meditation Mist: Do you have trouble stilling your mind to meditate, spray 2 or 3 mists into the room or area before you start.

Aura Cleansing Mist: Spray into the air and walk through it to remove any negative energies from your aura.


18th May 2016 

Combat Tiredness or Chronic Fatigue with Opalite

Opalite is a white stone with a blue tinge to it when turned to the light. It is known as 'The Stone of Angels' and encourages angelic connections. It is also good for diabetes, mood swings and fights fatigue and infection. Opalite is also thought to be beneficial for business growth and financial wealth. It is thought to protect the newborn infant so would be a good choice of gift to welcome a new baby.

Wear or Carry Opalite to combat tiredness and fatigue. If you find you are still tired after a good nights sleep, place one stone under your pillow at night. To regenerate your energy throughout the day, hold in your right hand and visualize your the energy from your stone moving up your arm and flowing throughout your whole body.


17th May 2016 

Using Moonstone to Relieve Monthly Cramps

Moonstone is a milky coloured stone and is the essential female stone. It balances hormones, thus helping P.M.T., menopausal symptoms, birth, oedema, pre-eclampsia and is also useful in preparation for a new pregnancy following miscarriage. Moonstone will also develop your psychic perception and clairvoyance skills. It is thought to be useful for mastitis and lactation in breast feeding mothers. Whilst Rainbow Moonstone carries all the above features, it is also thought to be a magical stone with the power to grant wishes, making it a good choice for your cosmic ordering. It is also thought to be good for insomnia as it is linked to the moon. Moonstone is a brilliant stone for balancing female energies or for bringing out the female side in the male.

To ease PMS or PMT, sit in a quiet space about a week or so before your period is due and place a moonstone on either side of your pelvis. Set your intent that the moonstone will balance your hormones and evaporate any tension, tearfulness, irritation, depression or tiredness. Repeat daily if necessary until your period arrives. Then carry Moonstone with you, if you wear jeans or trousers with front pockets, place one in each pocket during your period to ease cramps.


15th May 2016 

Treat Muscle Cramps with Hematite

Hematite is sometimes known as the stone of the mind. It is an excellent grounding stone and is exceptionally good for anaemia as it stimulates the absorption of iron. It is also thought to be good for O.C.D., anxiety, leg cramps, Reynaud's Disease and poor circulation. It helps you organize the mind so is good for anyone who has to do mathematics. Hematite is also thought to be good for insomnia and spinal alignment and can be used to cool fevers when given as an elixir.

It is believed by some that Hematite is a magical stone that can spirit away illness when placed on the body and has become a firm favorite with healers. It has a very strong connection with blood and the circulatory system and is therefore the crystal to use for muscle cramps. Muscle cramps are generally short sharp painful spasms brought on by our muscle fibres contracting. These spasms can happen in the cold if you have poor circulation or after you have given your muscles a workout. This is due to the build up of lactic acid within the muscles.

Carry hematite with you at all times if you are prone to muscle cramp. When you feel the spasm starting, hold the crystal in your hand and set your intent that the energy from the crystal will direct itself to the area of the cramp and release any tension within those particular muscles. Then place the stone on the affected muscle and wrap your hands around the stone and body part for a period of approx 5 - 10 minutes or until your intuition directs you otherwise. The crystal will ease the pain and reduce the likelihood of it repeating


14th May 2016 

Step inside an egg. 

Egg shaped crystals can contain and shape energy. The top or more pointed end can be used in reflexology or acupressure. Eggs symbolize birth or re-birth and are frequently seen as fertility talismans. They can also encourage growth and new beginnings. Eggs are extremely tactile and are just the right shape to hold in your hands during meditation or when relaxing. Holding the egg will allow it to release its healing energies into your aura. Eggs are also useful within healing to detect and re balance blockages within the body as a whole. Choose a gemstone that relates to your needs at any one time. Keeping a number of these in a bowl make a great talking point for your guests.

As eggs signify rebirth, hold your egg in your hand, close your eyes and visualize it getting bigger and bigger until it is large enough for you to step inside. You may have a small door in your egg that you can open and step through or you may see the walls become as thin as a soap bubble allowing you to just melt through into the center. When inside your egg you are fully protected. You may also see a fountain inside your egg into which you can stand, which will cleanse away any negativity and any feelings that no longer serve you. See yourself stepping out of the fountain and drying off inside the egg before stepping back out of your egg, fully protected and a completely new you.


13th May 2016 

Combining Crystals for Business Success. 

All tumblestones also offer an affordable way of combining crystals. You would want to combine them in the same way as we did the chipped bracelets a few days ago When combining various crystals to achieve a specific goal, you need to consider what you need to happen to ensure your successful outcome. Then look up which crystals you will need to help you achieve this. We have created a number of sets but you can just as easily create your own. Remember to program your crystals for what you want them to do and ask them to play nicely together whilst in the pouch. Sets make great affordable gifts. When the reason the set was purchased is no longer needed, simply separate them, mix and match and create a new set.

Place a set of Business Success Crystals under your pillow. This set was designed when Gaye was starting up Spirit Walker and the set still resides close to the bed. The set when placed under your pillow will generate new business ideas, give you strength to carry on and encourage financial success in your direction.


12th May 2016 

Shedding a few extra pounds for the summer

All bracelets offer an affordable way of combining crystals whilst looking great at the same time. Chipped bracelets are light and easy to wear allowing you to combine a number of crystals together. Most of the chip bracelets are threaded on elastic which will wear in time, but all is not lost when they break. Apart from the tedious job of trying to re-thread them, put the chips into a small dish at the side of your computer so that their energies can still work for you. When combining various crystals to achieve a specific goal, you need to consider what you need to happen to ensure your successful outcome. Then look up which crystals you will need to help you achieve this. If collect these little bracelets over time you can then mix and match them as and when your needs change.

With the summer looming we all want to look good and try to get into those clothes at the back of the wardrobe that we keep just in case. To lose a bit of weight before the summer season is in full swing wear the following combination:

Goldstone to help you achieve your ultimate goal

Hematite to give you the willpower to say NO today

Red Tiger Eye to speed up your metabolism

Red Jasper to make you feel good about yourself

Blue Apatite to decrease your apetite for food.

You could also put them around the neck of a bottle of water over night, then drink the water the following day.


11th May 2016 

Treating Heartburn and Indigestion with Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye is said to have the warmth and strength of the sun inside of it. It is good for the treatment of stomach ulcers, alleviating indigestion, osteoporosis and hypochondria. Tiger Eye was traditionally carried as a protective talisman in ancient times against ill wishers. It is thought to be good for treatment of tired and itchy eyes and has been found to be useful for the treatment of Hayfever. Tiger Eye is also a great stone for lifting the mood if you suffer with depression of are just feeling a little down in the dumps. Hold your Tiger Eye against your solar plexus for 10 minutes and then carry with you throughout the day.

A piece of Tiger Eye is always good to have in your first aid kit. Hold a piece over your heart chakra when you get indigestion for a period of approx 5 - 10 minutes or until the heartburn starts to subside.


9th May 2016 

Living the Dream with Labradorite

Labradolite is considered to be the stone of transformation. It is good for protecting the aura & spiritual growth as it strengthens the spiritual connection and psychic awareness encouraging you to connect with your intuition. It is good for P.M.T., gall bladder problems, pre-eclampsia, stress, vertigo, hypertension and gout. It is also said to be helpful for eye issues, rheumatism and is good for regulating metabolism. Use Labradolite to visualize a positive future for yourself or someone you love. This stone links to your third eye or brow chakra and attracts success to its keeper. If you have a dream that you feel will be impossible to achieve this is the stone to use. The secret is living the dream as if it is already happening, 'Acting as If' Visualize your dream what ever it may be frequently which will fix it firmly into your subconscious mind, endorsing what it is that you desire.

Sit quietly and hold your labradolite in your hand or place over your third eye for a more powerful visualization. Breath deeply and visualize your dream, what ever it may be. See yourself stepping into the dream, live the dream in your mind. Absorb all the sensations of your dream. When you are ready step out of the scene and back into the room. Repeat the exercise twice a day until your dream becomes your reality.


8th May 2016 

Easing Joint Pain with Rhodonite

Rhodonite is known as 'The First Aider'. It is good for emotional and physical shock. It is also good for IBS, circulation, cystitis, stomach upsets, streptococcal throat infections. It is good for joint inflammation so would be good for arthritis. Rhodonite is a good choice for both kidney and gall stones as it helps dissolve them. It is also recommended for weight loss as it detoxifies the body's organs so they perform more efficiently. To absorb the healing energies from a skull - face the eye sockets towards you To absorb the healing energies from an elephant - point the trunk towards you To absorb the energy of a pyramid or sphere - place on your desk or side table

Wear a Rhodonite chip bracelet or tape a small tumblestone to the inside of your wrist to reduce painful swelling of inflamed arthritic joints.


6th May 2016 

How to attract extra finances into your home

Citrine is a lovely golden yellow colour and is known as 'The Merchants Stone' as it attracts financial wealth. It is also good for constipation, thyroid issues, bladder infections, diabetes, the female menopause and is said to also aid with digestion. Citrine has the ability to absorb, transmute, dissipate and ground negative energy so never needs cleansing making it an excellent choice to protect your environment./strong. Merlinite is a truly magical stone which is said to hold the secrets of shamans, magicians and other magic workers to attract magical occurrences into your life.

Merlinite can also be used to heal past lives bringing harmony and peace to this lifetime. It is a good stone for those wanting to develop their intuition and helps to balance the yin yang energies. Good stone for journeying either in the physical or meditative sense. It promotes self love, self belief and self forgiveness. We all need a little magic to happen on times and when we do, you can be sure that you will need some extra money in one way or another. Combine these two lovely crystals to create a magical experience which you can easily afford.

Place about 10 tumblestones in a dish, add one merlinite tumblestone and place within your money corner in any room of your house. The money corner is the one at the far left when you stand with your back to the door. This will bring extra finances into your home allowing you to create your own magical experience.


5th May 2016 

Paying attention to your body's needs

Turquoise protects during any kind of travel and is especially protective of children at play. It is good for boosting the immune system, absorbing pain, alleviating panic attacks, balancing mood swings, treating M.E. and reducing the likelihood of heartburn. It is thought to be good for past life recall, self harming, gout, cataracts, rheumatism, and is a good choice as an anti inflammatory. Shamans used Turquoise as it is regarded as a sacred stone due to its powerful healing abilities. It is believed to absorb illness from the holder. It is also a symbol of property, luck and loyalty. They say if you give a piece of turquoise to your partner, it will remain bright whilst they remain faithful to you.

If you are starting to feel run down, don't wait until you catch that cold or even worse get flu or a chest infection. Pay attention to your needs and what your body is telling you and give your immune system a little boost to ensure it is fighting fit and ready to fight your corner. Holding your Turquoise crystal ask it to keep you strong and free from illness. Then hold it close to you around your chest area. Repeat on a daily basis until you are feeling better.


4th May 2016 

Keeping Healthy with Amber

In years gone by, our ancestors used amber as a natural antibiotic and antiviral as it thought to have a natural ability to combat infections and viruses. It has been used for centuries as a general curative and makes an excellent elixir for wound healing. It also strengthens the memory and intellect and so is a good choice for those of us who are of menopausal age. Amber is also a natural analgesic and possesses anti inflammatory properties making this stone just the best option to see us through the whole year ahead. It is also thought to protect you against picking up other peoples issues, and so is highly favoured by therapists. You can wear it as jewellery, make an elixir out of it or put it under your pillow at night.

Put a piece of amber into a jug of spring water and leave overnight on a windowsill. Put the water back into a small bottle the next morning and sip throughout the day to stay healthy throughout the whole year..


3rd May 2016 

Balancing your mood with Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is another of my favorite stones. It is a beautiful pink stone and is known as The Stone of Unconditional Love. It is a delightful stone for children as they give love freely, its only as we get older we sometimes forget how to love. This stone both attracts love and teaches us to love ourselves. It is a joy to have around and it is good to keep small chunks of it scattered around your home to infuse this feeling into your entire surroundings. Rose Quartz is amazing at balancing energies, emotions and moods. We can all get moody at times and carrying or wearing this beautiful stone will help to balance any variations in mood.

Just out of interest, we had a lovely lady come into the shop one day who was an animal communicator. Living on a farm we expect the odd mouse but at that particular time we were catching about three to four a day. It was obviously troubling us as we kept catching them and letting them go in the nearby fields but they just kept on coming back. We spoke to the customer about it and on communicating with our mice, she found out that they simply adored our crystals, especially the mounds of Rose Quartz that we had in store. Although quite touched by this, we felt it may be off putting for customers if they saw one of our four legged little friends scurrying around the shop. We asked our customer to talk to the mice, and she said that if I was prepared to put some Rose Quartz outside for the mice and tell them that it has been put there especially for them, they may not be inclined to come in. I have to say that at first I was skeptical and felt a little silly stood outside talking to the mice I could not see. However we put the Rose Quartz outside in the courtyard for them and I was and am still amazed that it worked! This was well over a year ago now and we have not been bothered by our furry friends on that scale since. This is a true story and the next time you come to visit us, have a look for the lump of Rose Quartz in our Court Yard.

If you are feeling particularly upset, moody, emotionally unstable or just having a sulk over something. Sit and hold a natural chunk of Rose Quartz in each hand for about 5 minutes. Let the pure love of the Rose Quartz Vibrations simply wash over you. Feel the energy simply soothe away irritations and regulate your mood filling you with joy and a positive attitude. Use your stones again and again whenever you feel the need.


2nd May 2016 

Looking Good Whilst Improving your Health

Wearing pendants is a simple and easy way to absorb the wonderful healing properties of crystals on a day to day basis. Its good to have a selection of pendants at hand so that you can wear the one that you need on any particular day. People ask us if the chain length is of importance. Our thoughts on this are that if you want to allow your crystals to work on your throat chakra during the day, you would require a 16 to 18 inch chain. However if you were wanting your crystal to work more on your heart chakra then wear a 20 to 22 inch chain. Where the attention goes - so the energy will flow In other words if you are thinking about your foot for example and you are wearing a Smokey Quartz pendant, if you think of your foot whilst touching your pendant, your attention is on both your pendant and your foot and so the energies will merge. Job Done!

Keep a bowl of medium sized tumblestones on your dressing table. Each morning pick up a different stone. You will intuitively choose the one you need for the day ahead. Place the tumblestone inside a tumblie cage. If you have difficulty getting it into the cage, you may well have chosen the wrong one. Don't fight with it, choose another stone. You will probably find that it goes into the cage with no problems what so ever.


30th April 2016 

Balancing your Chakras

Chakra comes from the Sanskrit word meaning wheel or to spin. When our chakras are all spinning in harmony with each other it allows the body to work at its best. Blockages and disturbances in these areas can lead to our physical organs becoming in unbalanced and in turn lead to a physical dis-ease. There are seven major energy points that align the center of the body and run along the line of our spines. One easy way of ensuring your chakras are in balance is to lay stones on those particular areas. All Chakra items sold today will come with a simple instruction sheet on how to do this. When all your chakras are balanced and are spinning in harmony, it allows for the correct transference of energy to keep you going all day and places your body in a state that will allow it to begin healing itself.

Spray some Chakra Balancing Mist into the air and walk through the mist allowing the spray to enter your aura and balance all your chakras at once. To ensure they remain balanced throughout the whole day, wear any piece of jewellery that contains all the chakra stones.


29th April 2016 

Shield Yourself with Black Tourmaline

Tourmaline is a beautiful black stone with wonderful protective energies. It has the ability to act as a mirror and reflect negative energies back to its source. However it is preferable to set your intent that your piece of Black Tourmaline will disperse the negative energy rather than reflect it back to it's source. This allows us to raise the worlds positive energy instead of recycling the negative energy that is already roaming around us.

Wear Black Tourmaline around your neck to protect yourself from picking up the negative energies of others, place a piece on your desk to protect yourself from work colleagues and place a chunk outside your back and front door of your home.


27th April 2016 

Create Calm and Wellbeing with Agate

Agate brings about calm and wellbeing as well as being known to bring about good luck and financial wealth. It is a good choice of stone for I.B.S., stomach upsets and digestive issues. It is also thought to be good for stress and anxiety due to it's calming influence and helps with insomnia and prevention of nightmares. It is also good for depression and is thought to increase fertility.

Place a piece of Agate close to you to help raise your mood and relieve the day to day stress and anxiety. Carry a piece of agate in your pocket and touch it whenever you feel the need to blow off steam.


26th April 2016 

Bring good luck with Elephants

Elephants have been a symbol of Good Luck for centuries. There are always times when we feel we could do with that little bit of extra good luck and we are frequently asked which crystals are good for this. You could choose a particular crystal which we feel would be appropriate such as New Jade, Merlinite, Moldavite, Black Jade or Agate to name but a few or you could choose a particular talisman such as the elephant to do the same job.

It does not matter which crystal you choose your elephant in as long as you face it with it's trunk pointing towards the door of your room. If you have two doors in your room, choose the door which is nearest the front of your home. You also need to choose an elephant with an upturned trunk to signify an upturn in your fortunes.

Place an elephant in your money corner of your home which is the far left hand corner when you stand with your back to the door. Again, if you have two doors, you would stand at the door towards the front of your home. Placing an elephant in this corner will enhance your financial good luck.


25th April 2016 

Experiencing the Energy and Protection of a Sphere

A sphere is a crystal that is completely round allowing the energy to emit in all directions. These shapes are ideal for infusing your area or space with the energies of the particular crystal you choose. Crystals that are formed in the shape of a sphere symbolizes the Universe within us. It represents self containment and wholeness with no beginning and no end. One of the most amazing crystals for me is the Clear Quartz. Clear Quartz was first named by the Greeks as Krystallos which means 'Clear Ice'. Natural Quartz Spheres have inclusions, natural fractures, veils, cracks, crackles and phantoms which give the look of frozen water.

It is these natural markings that can lead someone who does not have a great deal of knowledge about crystals to misleadingly think that they are broken or damaged. To crystal lovers, it is these markings that allow for hours of crystal gazing, always finding new markings within the natural stone to enchant the imagination and stimulate your intuition.

It is the natural fractures and cracks that refract the light into beautiful spectrums of light known as rainbows. Rainbows within a Quartz Sphere bring hope, promise and optimism of a renewed life. Whilst the outside of the sphere has been polished to near perfection, the true beauty of the crystal comes from within the irregularities of the crystalline structure. This can also remind us that many people will often want to portray themselves as being almost perfect on the outside whilst being broken on the inside due to emotional hurt or grief. But if we look at ourselves a little deeper, we see that there is much beauty within us. It is the issues we have had to deal with internally which make us who we are. Clear Quartz spheres allows us to see beyond the outer skin and reminds us to let our inner self shine and allow the rest of the world to see our true beauty within.

To experience the energy or protection of a sphere. Hold it in your hand then close your eyes. Visualize the sphere getting bigger and bigger until it either absorbs you into it's midst or you can step into it. Whilst inside the sphere you can absorb all it's fantastic energy and be protected by its outer skin. When you have had enough, simply visualize it getting smaller again or step out of it.


22nd April 2016 

Ease Backache with Selenite

Selenite is a pure white stone which brings clarity of mind and opens the crown chakra. It is a very calming stone instilling a deep sense of peace and can be used to detach entities from the body. Selenite heals the spinal column and realigns the spine. It is a good choice for epilepsy as it guards against fits. It is also said to be good for enhancing concentration, encouraging study, P.E.T., S.A.D., and reduces stress levels.

My favourite uses for Selenite are for both removing negative energy form the aura by using a flat Selenite wand or for realigning the spinal column. The way we live today and the jobs we do, often have us sitting for long periods of time at a computer or with one on our laps. This is not a good position for our spines and frequently leads to us experiencing backache. Having a piece of Selenite to hand is a good first aid for our poor aching spine. By placing Selenite around you, it will to help ease general backache and remove negativity from your aura. Selenite is also refracts the light, by placing a sphere or angel mountain on a light box to create a rainbow of colours into your living space to help balance your chakra system.

Place 7 small tumblestones in a line under your bed or mattress. This will help realign your spinal column and help repair any damage done throughout the previous day setting you up for a new dawn when you awaken.


18th April 2016 

Bringing Positive Energy into your home

Cathedrals are expensive but are well worth the investment due to the joy they can bring to the owner. They bring an amazing energy to your home, work place or healing rooms. If we consider the amount of energy that come come out of one Amethyst or Citrine point and then multiply by it by the numerous points within these beautiful specimens, it is just mind blowing. Not only do they make impressive focal points to a room, but they are a fantastic way of charging your jewellery and smaller crystals. Prices can vary for Cathedrals as it depends on the quality of the crystal, the weight and the area in which it was mined. It is becoming harder and harder to obtain good quality cathedrals, each of ours was hand picked and their energy has been charged constantly by the healing energies of all the other crystals and the love within Spirit Walker itself.

Place a Salt Lamp next to your Amethyst or Citrine Cathedral to have it sparkle as soft glow from your salt lamp merges with the energy of your Cathedral. Place your jewellery inside your cathedral overnight to recharge.


17th April 2016 

Dowsing for Lost Items

Dowsing with a pendulum can be fun. As well as a major healing tool for therapists, anyone can use a dowsing pendulum to connect to your higher self to find lost items. You first need to ask your pendulum for a sign for yes, then a sign for no. Once you have established these two basic factors, you can then find anything that you have misplaced.

Start by first asking if your lost item is in the house. If you get a yes, you can then go from room to room asking if this is the room that your lost item is hiding in. If you get a no, simply move onto the next room in your house, if you get a yes, you can then break down the room into sections and repeat the process until you find your lost items. When using a pendulum to answer questions, it is always best to ask one that can be answered with a simple yes or a no.

 Use a dowsing pendulum to find your keys or mobile phone next time you misplace them. Be sure to keep one in your bag or pocket to connect to your higher self at any time of the day.


16th April 2016 

Easing Physical Pain with Carnelian

Carnelian is a wonderful high energy crystal which is believed to be useful at removing blockages and dissolving physical pain. It is particularly useful for neutralizing the pain associated with conditions such as muscular pain and neuralgia. Physical pain is the result of the sensory nerve endings being stimulated and communicating pain with the brain via the nervous system. This is often due to an injury to the physical body, but can also be a result of a blockage or an imbalance in the body's energy systems such as the chakras or meridians. Carnelian is thought to help unblock the effected area and thus help to restore harmony allowing the body to return to a state of well being. Carnelian is also a good choice of stone to use when you are lacking in energy and feeling lethargic as it is thought to boost the body's natural energy levels.

Hold carnelian over an area of physical pain or discomfort for a period of approx 15 - 20 minutes to allow the crystal to do it's work. As the throbbing pain or discomfort diminishes, remove the crystal and cleanse well.


15th April 2016 

Disolving your worries with Apophyllite

Apophyllite has the ability to dissolve negative thought patterns and worries. Even the most positive of us can have worries from time to time, but it is when we allow these worries to build up that anxiety and stress can take hold and lead us to keep hold of negative and unwanted energy. This negative and unwanted energy can inhibit the natural flow of energy passing through the subtle energy systems of the body and our chakras. If not released, it can lead to a physical illness in the parts off the body associated with the blockages. Keep a small piece of Apophyllite close to you to help dissolve the minor worries before they take hold and become something major.

Apophyllite crystal specimens are said to be an aid to meditation and help us make a conscious connection with the spiritual world. Using it will aid us to help one see the truth and act upon it. Physically, It helps relieve tired eyes when placed on the eyelids. Place on the third eye to stimulate energy and also enhance clairvoyance and breaths mystical vision into meditations. Apophallite acts as a strong protection and is greatly used in both healing and meditation rooms.

 Keep an piece of Apophyllite in among your other crystals to keep them clean. The Apophyllite will dissolve any negative energies that your other crystals may have collected.


14th April 2016 

Keeping Fresh with Aqua Aura

Aqua Aura has to be one of my favorite stones of all time. Some would say that I say the same thing about every crystal I talk about, maybe they are right as I simply adore crystals. Aqua Aura gets its dramatic blue colour from Clear Quartz being dipped in Gold in an alchemical process. This combination of both crystal and precious metal creates a high energy master healer which is ideal to increase the life force and preserve vitamins and minerals in both the body and certain foods such as fruit and vegetables.

Aqua Aura is a wonderful stone to wear around the neck as it works on the throat chakra. When you combined with it's ability to keep things fresh looking, it is a great choice to wear when you have a long day and need to be looking good all day long.

Keep an Aqua Aura crystal in your fruit bowl to keep all your fruit fresh and a point or cluster in the fridge with any points or terminations facings the food you want to preserve.


12th April 2016 

Secret Weapon Against Stress

Thumbstones are light, slim and have an indentation so that you can rub your thumb over it when you need to absorb the energies of your crystals. They not only make great gifts when put into a little keepsake pouch but can easily slip into a pocket allowing you to rub them in times of need without anyone knowing what you are doing to gain that additional calm that may be needed. We all have times of added stress in our lives and these little stones can be a lifesaver.

Keep a crystal that is good for relieving stress such as Lepidolite, Amethyst or Blue Lace Agate to name but a few, in your pocket when you are walking around the shops doing the weekly shop. When you find yourself getting irate with the queues of people, simply put your hand into your pocket and stroke your chosen stone. You can do the same in any stressful situation that you find yourself in.


11th April 2016 

How to create a positive chi

Swarovski crystals create a wonderful energy anywhere, but especially in your home and car. They are not as powerful as a natural quartz and thus are quite safe to leave in direct sunlight. They do however amplify and lift the energy within a space or room. As the suns energy filters through the window, the crystals raise this energy or chi making the whole space come alive. As the crystals spin or turn in the light it refracts the sunlight making prisms of colour and creating rainbows throughout the room. As the crystals move slightly in any slight breeze, so it moved any stagnant or negative chi around the room creating a fresh feeling as though your rooms have had a spring clean. All our crystals come with a window hook. Simply place this in the middle of a window towards the top of the pane of glass.

Hang one of the angel rainbow makers from the ceiling over your bed. When the light catches it, it will send healing rainbows throughout your room and help to balance your chakras at the same time. If you choose an angel rainbow maker, you can also ask your angel to protect you during the night.


8th April 2016 

Balancing our Crown Chakra

Our Crown chakra is situated a few inches above the crown of our head and is the gateway to all things spiritual. It resonates to the colour purple and is linked to parts of the brain, our thinking, our nervous system. When in balance you are able to use your intuition and make wise decisions. When out of balance you may feel like you don't have a purpose, suffer with low moods or depression, anger at the world and those around you. you will find it hard to coordinate, you can experience clumsiness or poor balance. Crystals to help balance this chakra are Amethyst, Charoite, Sugalite, Clear Quartz, super seven,


6th April 2016 

Balancing our Brow Chakra

Balancing the Brow Chakra Our Brow chakra is situated in the center of your forehead and is also known as 3rd Eye. It resonates to the colour Indigo or a very dark purplish blue. This chakra directs our sight both intuitive and physical. It allows us to have our everyday awareness of the world around us. When in balance we are able to see things clearly, solve problems easily and allows us to understand why things happen, When out of balance, it can effect our thought patterns, we can get headaches, ear aches, vision impairment, sinus issues. Crystals to use to balance this chakra would include Lapis Lazuli, Dumortierite, Charoite, Moldavite


5th April 2016 

Balancing our Throat Chakra

Balancing the Throat Chakra Our Throat Chakra is situated in the position of our throat linking it too the physical throat, larynx, shoulders, teeth, jaw, mouth, upper respiratory system. It is our center of communication on a physical level. The crystals you can use to balance the throat chakra are blue lace agate, aqua aura, sodalite, blue calcite, turquoise, and blue howlite. A throat chakra that is blocked or unbalanced can lead to issues such as throat infections, laryngitis, stress collected on shoulders, neck pain, shoulder pain, frozen shoulder, tonsillitis, communication issues with others, shyness, etc. To balance this particular chakra, wear something blue around your neck or place a blue crystal on your throat chakra whilst meditating.


1st April 2016 

Balancing our Heart Chakra

Balancing the Heart Chakra Our Heart Chakra is situated in the middle of our chest at the level of our physical heart. It resonates to the colour green. When our heart chakra is out of balance it can cause us to heave physical ailments of the heart itself and issues related to the lungs such as asthma, lung infections or pneumonia. The stones that help keep our heart chakra in balance would be Aventurine, Dioptase, Diopside, Malachite, Green Calcite, Fluorite etc.


29th March 2016 

Balancing our Solar Plexus

Our Solar Plexus is based just below the diaphragm and above the navel. Is our emotional center and resonates to the colour yellow. It is linked to our digestive system and is responsible for our will power, our ability to achieve, our self esteem, it is where we feel most of our emotions, both good and bad. Being our of balance can lead to us having a low self esteem, no get up and go, digestive issues, kidney infections, eating disorders, diabetes etc. To maintain a healthy solar plexus wear crystals that are yellow in colour such as citrine, tiger eye, yellow calcite, yellow topaz or amber.


29th March 2016 

Where to place your money tree

Gem Trees make wonderful gifts and are often called 'The Wish Tree'. Wish Tree's have been used for centuries in homes and offices to signify a steady profit and everlasting support. It is believed if you write down your wish on a piece of paper and then toss them towards the tree. If your paper hits the tree it will ruffle the branches and your wishes will be delivered. Another idea is too ask for your wish in your mind and then take a deep breath and let it out slowly into the tree, thus breathing life into it's branches and leaves. Then give your tree a little shake every day until your wishes are delivered. The tale behind the gem tree's is that a heavenly fairy called Shang Ziyie, traveled to earth with the wish to marry a local villager by the name of Chooi Wen Lui. Because they had very little money, the heavenly fairy created a magic tree which created coins. The tree provided the family with a means to survive. The tree helped all those that gave it a shake.

Place a wishing tree in your financial corner of your room, which is the far left when standing with your back to the door to increase your wealth.


28th March 2016 

Using Tumblestones close to the Telephone

Tumblestones are just the most versatile form of crystal. They are small, smooth, easily transported around, and generally great value for money. You can put them into a cage and wear them or hang them from the ceiling. Put them in a pouch and carry them around with you. Have a mixture in a small dish around the house. Leave them lying in a group on windowsills, place them into the bath, under your pillow - in fact you can use them almost anywhere and in any situation. They are great for relieving telephone stress, keeping a mixture of stress relieving crystals close to the telephone can help protect you from the debilitating vibrations of negative people or what is sometimes referred to as emotional or psychic vampires. Playing with crystals whilst trying to get your point across during a difficult phone call can stop you losing your temper and allow you to be more assertive rather than angry.

Keep a set of crystals such as the ones that come in the little gem bags in a small dish or pot close to the telephone. When you have a difficult phone call to deal with, pick up a few in your hand and allow them to slowly sieve through your fingers back into the pot. It will keep you calm, stress free and allow you to easily bring the conversation to a close.


27th March 2016 

Amethyst for Intuition

Amethyst is the colour of Royalty and has been used in crowns, rings and collars of the Royal Families for centuries. It is a stone with immense healing qualities that aids meditation, increases spiritual awareness and advances your intuition. By using your intuition, it allows us to make the correct decisions in life. Often we are so busy with day to day life, that we can ignore the little nudges our intuition gives us and end up making the wrong decisions for us. Thus we find ourselves on a path that we did not intend to take. When you start to listen to your intuition, your mind blends with your spiritual side. It is known as one of the master healers and would be a good choice for anyone with asthma, addictions, headaches, phobias, miscarriage, and menopause or pre menstrual tension and is also a good choice for stress and anxiety and is useful for sending out absent healing. Amethyst also strengthens the immune system following illness and is thought to improve hearing.

Wearing Amethyst either as earrings, pendants, rings or bracelets can enhance our intuition, allowing us to walk the right path for us and make decisions about our future wisely.


26th March 2016 

Salt Lamps

Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps are believed to create negatively charged ions in the air. This is a good thing because modern day pollution and electrical equipment creates positive ions in the air which are potentially harmful to us and cause air quality in areas affected to deteriorate. By using a Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp you replace the negatively charged ions in the air which helps us to avoid the alleged physical and mental harm that the electric smog creates. A salt lamp is suitable for use near televisions and computers, around smokers, in offices, in therapy rooms to promote relaxation and healing. A salt lamp will Negatively charge the air that you breath whilst at the same time give off a gentle heat. They can bring the benefits of a being in health spa or sitting on the top of a mountain breathing in the fresh air directly into your living room. They are thought to be beneficial for those suffering with respiratory issues, mild depression, sleep disorders, migraine, high blood pressure and are great for stress relief. You will note from our pictures on the web, and those who have visited spirit walker, we have a large number of these on all day and every day.

Place a salt lamp close to your television. It adds a nice glow to the room, creating a relaxing and stress free atmosphere. it is not distracting when watching the TV but it does combat the positive ions that the TV will be producing.


25th March 2016 

Essential Home Stabilizer Packs

Our homes are our sacred space where we can shut out the rest of the world and just be ourselves. It's a place which we need feel safe as well as being able to experience tranquility and relaxation. But all too frequently we allow outside energies and disturbances to enter our sacred space and disrupt the energy flow. This can lead to arguments and dis-harmony within your home or sacred space.This set is designed to stabilize your home and protect it from further disruption. An Essential Home Stabilizer Pack would need to contain a Natural Clear Quartz Cluster which is, 'The Master Healer' of all the crystals, and will therefore protect your home or your sacred space. It will allow clear thinking when needed and promote healing as required. Place this together with the Rough Amethyst Druze which will help create a harmonious atmosphere throughout your whole home. Keep together at all times with the chunk of Natural Rough Rose Quartz to promote a loving environment. We have also added a Natural Citrine Point to encourage financial wealth and stability, all four crystals can be placed anywhere within the home, but should be kept together at all times. We have pre programmed sets available for sale, but you can also create your own set for a spectacular effect by choosing a magnificent Amethyst Cathedral, A larger Clear Quartz Cluster, A large Citrine Point and A Large Chunk of Rose Quartz or even a generator point to boost the energy of your set.

Place your home stabilizer set within your living space such as your lounge or sitting room. This is the area of where most people sit together of an evening and where most of the dis-harmony would arise. If you are creating your own, program the set to harmonize your entire home. Cleanse approx once a month. These make the perfect gift for Christmas and they come in a box with full instructions on what they are for and how to use them.


24th March 2016 


A pyramid has four sides and a base. If found in its natural formation, the base may be squared off. Apophyllite has naturally forming pyramid shaped crystals which tightly focus energy through the apex. Such crystals are good for manifesting. Pyramids can be formed within your mind over your home, a room, your workplace, your car or yourself. Pyramids have been used as a mode of protection since ancient times and continue to be a popular and easy way of putting up a protective barrier around yourself or a larger area. Remember that when you are creating your pyramid, it will require a base as well as the four walls that meet at the apex.

Place a crystal pyramid in the center of the room and visualize it expanding out in all directions until your room is contained within the pyramid. You can then extend this for as far as you want. .


23rd March 2016 

Crystal Skulls

Many people are put off by skulls and as they have been given a lot of bad press in years gone by. However it remains a fact that without our own skull, we could not survive. It protects the most vital part of our body - our brain, and without our brain, we cannot function. If it protects such a vital part of us, why then should we have cause to fear them. At Spirit Walker, we use skulls for healing. A small skull is frequently placed about 12 to 18 inches above the head. Healing energy is then channeled down through the crown of the skull where it circulates within the outer surface of the skull itself. It builds up energy as it rotates before emerging through both eye sockets like two strong torch lights, showering the client with a highly charged up healing energy.

Place in a room of a person who is unwell with the skull facing the person who is in need of the healing. It can be on the other side of the room or on a bedside table.


22nd March 2016 

How to keep the energy clear and positive in your home

Energy can become stagnant in a home or office - to allow for abundance you need to keep energy flowing as with our chakra system. One way to break up stagnant energy and keep the energy flowing freely around your home is to have a wind chime by each doorway. Remember if you buy two, you save yourself 10%. We have a new range of agate wind chimes in at a great price.


21st March 2016 

How to cope with lower back pain

Many of us suffer with lower back pain and the simplest movements can make it jolt into the wrong position which can then take days to rectify itself. When this happens put a pair of boji stones one in each hip pocket of your trousers or tape them to your hips. You can also add a smokey quartz to ease the pain and a selenite to help re-align your back.


17th March 2016 

Balancing the Sacral Chakra and Related Crystals

Our root or sacral chakra is based just above the pubic bone and resonates to the colour orange. It is linked to our fertility and reproductive or sexual organs.It gives us our drive and determination in life. It is also linked to parts of your lower digestive system. Unbalanced sacral chakras can give issues such as IBS, constipation, infertility, sexual displeasure, etc. Crystals that you can use to balance this chakra are ones such as carnelian, mookite, orange calcite or tiger eye


16th March 2016 

Balancing the Root Chakra and Related Crystals

Our root or base chakra is situated at the very base of our spine and extends all the way down to the floor. It faces downwards and resonates to the colour red. It is linked to the skeletal system, circulatory system, legs and feet. It governs our fear and survival. Being out of balance it can lead to osteoarthritis, anemia, anxiety, fatigue, back problems, or any issue related to the body parts or issues mentioned. To maintain a healthy root chakra wear crystals that are red in colour such as poppy or red jasper, ruby or garnet.