A-Z Gemstones

A-Z Gemstones

A-Z Gemstones

Learn about all our crystalscrystal meanings and uses, along with their metaphysical and healing properties.

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New Yellow Jasper Crystal Elephant 'BABY'

Product no.: EL-YJS-1

£10.70 *
Stock level: 1

New Peach Aventurine Elephant 'Stubbs'

Product no.: EL-PAV-1

£10.70 *
Stock level: 1

New Blue Obsidian Angel 'Kitty'

Product no.: BA-BOB-1

£15.50 *

New Opalite Crystal Fish 'Dory'

Product no.: FS-OPA-1

£14.30 *

New Selenite Crystal Skull 'Spooks'

Product no.: SK-SEL-1

£22.70 *

New Natural Rough Muscovite Specimen 'Farrow'

Product no.: NC-MUS-1

£7.10 *
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