Crystal Healing Grids

Crystal Healing Grids

Crystal grids can be used to create a protection around an area or to create a sacred space. Any healing done inside a crystal grid is amplified due to the positioning of the quartz. All our crystal grids come with a detailed diagram of how to erect a simple energy grid. For more ideas on grids, check out our video tips on youtube.

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New Black Obsidian Pyramid Generator Grid Named Hunter

Product no.: PY-BLO-HUNTER

Black Obsidian Generator Grid consisting of one 30mm pyramid and four single terminated points attached to it.

Stock level: 3

Rose Quartz Pyramid Generator Grid 'PLEIDES'

Product no.: PY-ROQ-PLEIDES

Rose Quartz Generator Pyramid Grid named Pleides. Buy to and save money with our % Discounts

Still in stock

Standard Crystal Grid Complete with Instructions in Pouch


Standard Crystal Grid with Pouch and Instructions. The grid comprises of 7 clear quartz points plus a single cut base generator crystal. 

Stock level: 16

Amethyst Pyramid Generator Grid 95mm 'SKY DREAMS'

Product no.: PY-AMY-SKYDREAMS-%D

Amethyst Generator Grid with Four Points. Pyramid measures approx 25mm. Buy 2 and get 10% off.

Stock level: 2