Metaphysical Healing Properties and Magical Meanings of Chlorite

Chorite is a lovely crystal that can help you connect with previous civilizations. It is a very calming stone that can help you achieve inner reflection. Chlorite is one of the most respected healing stones providing the user with overwhelming positivity. It helps to combat anger, hostility and exasperation and absorbs negative energy. It can be used with good effect to remove unwanted energy implants and can protect against further implants and psychic attack. It can also help earthbound spirits move on into their rightful place within the spirit realm. It is said to melt away fat and so is useful for those wishing to lose weight.

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New Obelisk full of Chlorite Inclusions Named Skye

Product no.: OB-CHL-SKYE

Chlorite Obelisk of 50mm height by 17mm at the base. We have named this Obelisk Skye and she has been Reiki Cleansed and Blessed

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