Yellow Opal

Yellow Opal

Learn about the Metaphysical Healing Properties and Crystal Meanings of Yellow Opal

Happiness  ~  Limiting Beliefs  ~  Positivity  ~  Fun  ~  Humour

Exhaustion  ~  Fatigue  ~  Digestion  ~  Memory  ~  Energy

Chakra: Solar Plexus   Colour: Yellow

Element: Fire       Crystal System: Amorphous      Hardness: 6


Traditional Healing Properties

Yellow Opal is the happiness stone bringing fun and humour to any situation. Limiting beliefs can be obliterated with the use of this stone. Negative emotions are banished and positivity infused into the energy field. It is a stone that helps to combat chronic exhaustion and fatigue. This stone can help ward off jealousy and spite from the wearer protecting the aura from the negative influences of others. Due to it's ability to enhance memory, it would be a great asset to those who love to do quizz shows. Providing energy to those who need it, making it useful to athletes and sports people. 

Magical Healing & Crystal Magic

  • Place in any room to bring humour and happiness, great for using at work when the energies are low
  • Posotion on the brow chakra or third eye when you need to banish limiting beliefs
  • Useful when used in crystal layouts for Parkinsons Disease - place above the crown chakra
  • For Diabetes, place over the area of your pancreas 
  • Place on the tummy to encourage labour and to promote a healthy birth
  • Create a crystal water and drink when you feel exhausted or are suffering from chronic fatigue
  • Carry close to you when you want to ward off jealousy or spite from others
  • Have on the table during a quizz to encourage memory
  • Touch every day to encourage smiling
  • Place under the bed to help with kidney infections
  • Keep in your shorts during excercise to encourage higher energy levels