Window Quartz

Window Quartz

Window Quartz

Metaphysical Healing Properties of Window Quartz: 

Self Healing  ~  Clairvoyance  ~  Memory Recall ~  Past life Recollection  ~  Study Enhancer

Clarity of Mind  ~  Truth  ~ Locating Missing Items.  ~  Aura Reading

Chakra: Soul Star      Colour: Clear

Element: Air    Crystal System: Hexagonal    Hardness: 7



Traditional Healing Properties

Window crystals have a diamond shape formation with one of the points in the faces and the alternate point in the shank. These crystals are the ultimate "self-help" crystal. Until we know who you are, where we are going, and what we want, we can appear lost and drifting without purpose. They are known to activate our own self healing system so are an excellent choice to have as a personal crystal. A diamond window formation is very rare and so is a highly valued member to have on your team. Window Crystals as the name suggests are excellent for seeing and for enhancing your clairvoyant skills. Window crystals allow us to see beyond the illusion of identy and into the essence of the soul. It allows us to see ourselves for whom and what we are. You can use them to read other people's auras as well as a tool to help you find missing items and solve prolems. Healers can use them to help determine the cause of disease.

Magical Healing & Crystal Magic

  • Place the window formation over the third eye whilst meditating to attempt to solve a problem. The answers will come to you during the meditation
  • Point the window towards someone whom you wish to see their aura. The quartz window will help you focus your mind on the aura and be able to visualise it easier
  • Place above the head for clarity of mind
  • Look deep into the crystal and clear your mind. Send your thoughts out into the crystal to help you find your lost item. The crystal will implant thoughts into your own mind or visions of where you can find your lost item. This has been known to work for missing persons as well.
  • Place the window facing towards your left ear during meditation for past life recall.
  • Meditate with the window on your heart chakra to learn from spirit. This crystal is a powerful teacher.
  • Healers, pleace above the head of your client with with the window facing towards them when doing an aura scan. This positioning will help you diagnose the cause of dis-ease within the body.
  • Meditate with this crystal over your heart chakra and set your intent to find find your true path in life