White Jade

White Jade

White Jade

Metaphysical Healing Properties of White Jade: 

Calmimg  ~  Grounding  ~  Decision Making  ~ Self Healing

Dreaming  ~  Protection  ~  Concentration  ~  Good Luck

Chakra: Crown      Colour: White

Element: Water         Crystal System: Monoclinic     Hardness: 6

Originates: China


Traditional Healing Properties

White Jade is a crystal that brings luck and good fortune. It is thought to be an excellent choice for concentration as it filters out distractions. It is also a good stone for decision making. White Jade is thought to be good for promoting calm and tranquillity, providing protection, dissolving kidney stones, releasing negative thought patterns, enhancing fertility, enhancing dreams and alleviates hip pain. It is felt to draw out arthritic pain, especially from the hips. Helps to reduce swelling when caused by fluid retention. Aids lowering of the blood pressure in cases of hypertension. It will helps to reduce the effects of grief as it gently supports you through the grieving process. Helpful in crystal layouts for cancer, infertility and diabetes. Use to cleanse the aura following any psychic attack.

Magical Healing & Crystal Magic

  • Hold over the heart chakra to promote calm and tranquility when feeling anxious or stressed.
  • Smooth down the sides of the hips to help alleviate arthritic pain.
  • Smooth over oedematous areas to reduce swelling due to fluid retention
  • Create a crystal water and drink to help flush out the system following diagnosis of a kidney or bladder infection
  • Hold in your hand to help lower high blood pressure 
  • Place over the site of cancer in a crystal layout
  • Smooth down the aura with white jade following a period of psychic attack
  • Place on your desk to help with concentration, making it a good choice for study
  • Hold in your hand whilst medatating to help you make the right decisions
  • Place in your home to bring you good luck
  • Place over the area of the pancreas in a crystal layout to help control diabetes.
  • Keep close at all times when going through the grieving process