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Tugtupite was found in found in Tugtup Agtakorfia, Greenland in 1957. It is a rare and extremely high vibrational energy crystal that is sometimes referred to as the Reindeer Stone. Tugtupite is said to open up the heart chakra to an intense and passionate love producing an emotional transformation. This crystal’s vibrations are believed to re-awaken the heart to lost passion and forgotten love. It is said to manifest as ineffable joy as it opens the floodgates of the heart chakra, as the energy rises through the chakra system, they too are opened and energised. Tugtupite is said to release the pure emotion of love in all its intensity making it a definite stone for lovers. This crystal is said to strengthen the auric field and the heart chakra.

Chakra: Heart, Third Eye, Crown and Soul Star

Element: Air

Crystal System: Tetragonal

Hardness: 4

Colours: Pink

Zodiac Sign: Libra


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Tugdipite Natural Specimen 'MOIRA'

Product no.: NC-TUG-MOIRA__10-UC-A

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