Record Keepers

Record Keepers

Record Keeper Quartz has pyramid shapes etched on it's side or sides. Some pyramids are groved around each other in a chevron pattern. Record Keeper Crysatls are mainly Clear Quartz but not always. These crystals are said to hold the imprint of all that has past and are portals for spiritual wisdom. Record keepers help you to access your past and give insights into evolution. Activate the record keepers library by placing the triangle over your brow chakra or by rubbing the triangle with your finger to remove obstackes that are blocking your progress. Record Keepers help prevent burn out.

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Celestial or Candle Quartz 'KALLA'

Product no.: NC-CEQ-KALLA-PC

Stunning Candle Quartz that has been Reiki cleansed and blessed in our UK based Online Crystal Shop. 

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