Que Sera

Que Sera


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Calming ~ Clairvoyance ~ Motivation

Que Sera is one of the New Age Crystals with an amazing high energy. It is felt to channel energy down through the higher chakras activating your psychic abilities of clairvoyance and clairaudience. It has been called The Stone of Angel Air’ and is said to bring a sparkle to the eyes of the keeper allowing one to shine in all that they do. It is thought to encourage you to let go of your cares and worries and simply enjoy life. These little bundles are always full of energy and will help you to communicate with your spirit guides. This stone offers light in times of darkness so would make a good choice for those going through the grieving process and encourages motivation.

Chakra: All, especially the sacral, solar plexus and third eye.

Element: Air

Crystal System: Trigonal

Hardness: 6

Colours: Mix of Browns and Pinks

Zodiac Sign: Libra

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Que Sera Tumble Stone,. (MEDIUM - 20mm)

Product no.: TB-QSR-M__10-NC-A

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