Mystic Topaz:-

Mystic Topaz

Mystic Topaz

Metaphysical Healing Properties and Magical Meanings of Mystic Topaz

Mystic Topaz is a good choice for keeping your faith in what is right for you. It allows us to express gratitude for what we have and thus enables us to manifest more of what we like and enjoy. It brings clarity of mind allowing us to think clearly. The stone is known to attract abundance bringing joy and laughter to the user. It also allows us to think logically and communication with others is improved when wearing this stone. It is also a stone of truth and allows you to see the truth of the matter and to see through lies.


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Beautiful Mystic Topaz Round Pendant 'BHOJANI'

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Mystic Topaz Solitaire Pendant which has been Reiki Cleansed and Blessed in our Online Crystal Shop

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