Metaphysical Healing Properties and Magical Meanings of Moldavite

Moldavite is a high spiritual energy stone in dark green. It provides us with a very high spiritual connection making it a good choice for meditation and self development. It is a truly magical stone that provides us with an inner vision developing our clairvoyance skills to new levels. This stone is related to the heart chakra and love making it a very good relationship stone. Use this stone when you need inspiration or to give birth to new ideas. Special things are noted to happen to those who have started to use this stone. It is also known as a stone of power making it good for personal development.


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Facetted Moldavite Ring with Pink Tourmaline R 'OLIVER'

Product no.: JR-10-MOL-OLIVER

Beautiful facetted Moldavite Ring named Oliver wich has a stone of 10mm x 7mm with pink tourmaline either side. 

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Facetted Moldavite with Pink Tourmaline Ring N 'MIA'

Product no.: JR-8-MOL-MIA

Sterling Silver Faceted Moldavite and Pink Tourmaline Ring in size N. The main stone measures 13mm x 9mm. 

Stock level: 1

Faceted Moldavite and Blue Kyanite Necklace 'ARORA'

Product no.: JP-MOL-ARORA__23-NC-S

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