Harlequin Quartz

Harlequin Quartz

Metaphysical Healing Properties and Magical Meanings of Harlequin Quartz

Harlequin Quartz is Clear Quartz with inclusions of Lepidocrocite which often appear as tiny red stars or clouds at the top terminations. It is a stone of emotional balance and is believed to enhances self love, self worth and self acceptance. It is a good choice for those wishing to heal self punishing wounds and is felt to remove the fear from situations. Harlequin Quartz is considered to be a good crystal for those wishing to connect with their spirit guides. It is also thought to aid with soul retrieval and would help to bring the inner child out whilst healing issues from the past.

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Harlequin Quartz Point 'SUNSTAR'

Product no.: NC-HAQ-SUNSTAR-PC

Natural Harlequin Quartz point which has been Reiki cleansed and blessed in our UK based Online Crystal Shop. 

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