Blue Lace Agate:-

Blue Lace Agate*

Blue Lace Agate*

Metaphysical Healing Properties and Magical Meanings of Blue Lace Agate.

This is a lovely gentle and very calming stone. It helps us to worry less and find acceptance and understanding. It is a real confidence builder and helps us to communicate better on all levels both at home and work. It resonates strongly with the throat chakra and helps alleviates any energy blockages from within this part of the physical and auric body. It helps us to find our inner voice in times of uncertainty.  It is said to help reduce and resolve quarrels. It is a great calming stone and helps with finding a quiet space in our minds when meditating. This gentle blue stone helps us connect with the spirit world in a calm and gentle way.



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Bespoke Crystal Healing Tree of Life Charm Bracelet - Business Success

Product no.: JB-DES-BUISINESS(36)

Bespoke Crystal Healing Bracelet for Business Success with Tree of Life Charm which has been Reiki Blessed in our UK Based Crystal Shop

£12.50 *
Stock level: 3

Blue Lace Agate Crystal Chipped Healing Bracelet 'BINX'

Product no.: JB-BLA-BINX__06-GB08

Blue Lace Agate Chipped Bracelet which has been Reiki Cleansed and Blessed in our UK Based Online Crystal Shop

Stock level: 4

Blue Lace Agate Tumble Stone (MEDIUM - 20mm)

Product no.: TB-BLA-M__27-UC-A

Click on image for full crystal Shop Information. All Crystals are Reiki Cleansed and Blessed in our Oxfordshire Crystal Shop

£3.00 *
Stock level: 2

Blue Lace Agate Dropper Earrings 'SKIPPY'

Product no.: JE-BLA-SKIPPY__10-PC

Stunning Blue Lace Agate Earrings that has been Reiki cleansed and blessed in our UK based Online Crystal Shop. 

£14.50 *
Stock level: 1

Blue Lace Agate Ring size L 'JAN'

Product no.: JR-5-BLA-JAN

Blue Lace Agate Ring in size L. Stone size approx 32mm x 17mm. The ring is a freeform style which has been cleansed and blessed.

£30.00 *
Stock level: 1

Blue Lace Agate Crystal Healing Power Bead Bracelet 'HATTIE'

Product no.: JB-BLA-HATTIE__06-PB09

Blue Lace Agate Gemstone Crystal Healing Power Bead Reiki Cleansed and Blessed in our  UK Based Online Crystal Shop

£21.75 *
Stock level: 6
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