Blue Beryl

Blue Beryl

BLUE BERYL: Blue Beryl is a rare crystal that resembles aquamarine. It is part of the Chrysoberyl family. This stone is thought to improve eye sight and is good for coughs and cold and is useful for the promotion of a healthy skin. It is considered to be a lucky stone and prevents one from getting lost so is a good choice for backpackers or those travelling. It is thought to attract wealth and protects against negative influences. It is thought to grown in strengh the longer you keep it. It is said to keep us youthful and help to reduce wrinkles.

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Blue Beryl Tumble Stone

Product no.: TB-BLB-%D

Blue Beryl Tumblestone. We will send you the largest we have in stock between 10 and 30mm. Buy 2 ore more to get % discounts

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