Apache Tear:-

Apache Tear

Apache Tear


Metaphysical Healing Properties and Magical Meanings of Apache Tears

Apache Tears help us get over any kind of grief or emotional trauma. The stone provides strength and stamina when we need it most. This crystal can help remove old emotional baggage that no longer serves us. It is a very a good grounding crystal that brings a high level of protection against negative energy. Carry with you to promote good luck. Use in a crystal water to help when undergoing a detoxification process. Apache Tears can also help to remove limiting beliefs which could be holding us back on our life journey. It is a good choice to have around if you want to be spontaneous.

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Apache Tears Tumble Stone

Product no.: TB-APT-%D

Apache Tear Gemstone Tumblestone. We will send you the largest we have between 10 and 30mm. Buy 2 or more to get our customer % discounts

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