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Online Crystal Shop Information about Charoit:

Purifying ~ Psychic Attack ~ Past Life Integration

Charoit has purples, violets and lavenders all swirling around within the natural patterns of this stone. Its availability is quite rare and is found in the Chary River in Russia. It is believed to relate to the crown chakra and is felt to help you connect to your spirit guides. It is believed to connect and emanate the Purple Ray and can therefore be useful for purifying and cleansing the etheric body of negativity. It is felt to be a highly useful crystal for dispelling psychic attack and for releasing unconscious fears. Charoit is believed to encourage us to notice synchronicities in life allowing us to have a deeper spiritual insight as to their meanings. It is considered to help us access past life memories and integrate the lessons into this lifetime.

Chakra: Crown and Soul Star

Element: Earth

Crystal System: Monoclinic

Hardness: 5

Colours: Purple

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

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Charoite Pendant in sterling silver 'CAROL'

Product no.: JP-CHA-CAROL__05-NC-A

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