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Learn about the Metaphysical Healing Properties and Crystal Meanings of Zircon


Metaphysical Healing Properties of Zircon: 

Toxin Elimination  ~  Inner Turmoil  ~  Stimulates Chakras  ~  Energy  ~  Exhaustion

Grounding  ~  Light Shield  ~  Disillusionment  ~  Sleep  ~  Gaurds against Misfortune

Chakra: Root     Colour: Various

Element: Air        Crystal System: Tetragonal      Hardness: 6.5 - 7.5


Traditional Healing Properties


Zircon is a very protective stone. It has a legend attached to it, whereby it is said that a mythological character named Hyacinthus who was a young lad accidentally slain by Apollo. The red zircon is said to reflect the blood of Hyacinthus and is so believed to ward off evil spirits and nightmares. Protection from Enchantment by others is provided when kept close is to the body

Following a healing crisis or when used in crystal layouts, Zircon can help disperse toxins from the body. A positive mental attitude can be achieved by carrying the stone, especially following any period of dis-illusionment. 

A powerful light shield is created around the body to protect the metaphysical aura.  It can enhance sleep and relaxation during stressful times and has frequently been used in love charms throughout the ages to attract love into your life. 

Magical Healing & Crystal Magic

  • Place in a sick room to prevent the transmission of MRSA
  • Keep near a Jug of water or place three crystals surrounding a bottle of water and leave over night. Drink the water throughout the next day to detoxify the body.
  • Place over an area of pain to allow the stone to draw out the negative energies. 
  • Keep together in a keepsake pouch with three rose quartz and one Rhodochrosite to create a powerful love charm. Add some dried rose petals for a stronger effect.
  • Gently move over bruising to relieve pain and release the bruise
  • Zircon can be put under the pillow when you have a ear infection. Try to lay on the effected side for maximum effect.
  • Energy can be enhanced when carrying this stone
  • Hold in your hand and draw a circle on the ground. Step into the circle and visualise it coming up and around you like a bubble to create a powerful light shield. 
  • Place one on each shoulder to release stress and anxiety.